Translation of Bloody Mary in Spanish:

Bloody Mary

bloody mary, n.

nounplural Bloody Marys

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    bloody mary masculine
    • Anyway, so I had three bottles of beer and a Bloody Mary with an extra vodka shot because Sean was contrite for having mistakenly made me a Virgin Mary.
    • One day I'm going to ask for a Bloody Mary minus the tomato juice and I'll just add brine to my vodka.
    • Avail yourself of some snacks and a plausibly businessman-friendly drink like a Bloody Mary.
    • Many hardened drinkers favour a Bloody Mary because of the combination of vodka, juice and water, but Mr Hogg also recommends the following three cure-alls.
    • Daniel Musgrave claims a Bloody Mary will do the trick, heavy on the vodka, easy on the Tabasco.
    • And he orders a Bloody Mary, takes another furtive slug of whisky, gazes around the room seemingly unmoved by the quantity of liquor he's knocked back.
    • Nick brought me coffee and a Bloody Mary and told me to drink them both as fast as I could, but neither one helped so he let me take a quick shower.
    • She accepted his offer of a drink, deciding on a Bloody Mary, and then immediately took control of him, leading him to a booth at the side of the dance floor.
    • In the pub I'll have a Bloody Mary with all the trimmings, lager with lime or maybe even a tequila chaser.
    • Chances are pretty good that we'll break up the monotony with a Bloody Mary or two in the morning and maybe a beer or two in the evening.
    • The package includes a party in the three-story suite with food, drink and live entertainment, overnight in the hotel suites, plus a Bloody Mary brunch on New Year's Day.
    • I recently had a Bloody Mary served to me with a substantial wedge of rib-eye steak squeezed into the glass.
    • Picture it: a Bloody Mary in one hand, a plate of good food in the other, plush surroundings, huge leather seats, glitter and excellent service… say no more.
    • We landed at like six in the morning or something, and the stewardesses were like, ‘Is it too early to get a Bloody Mary or something?’
    • He'll take cold pizza and a Bloody Mary, thank you.
    • When I woke up I made myself a Bloody Mary, went back to bed and slipped into the warm, forgiving arms of Denial where I intend staying until Anger comes around again.
    • I find my slippers with puff-balls on the toes, make myself an egg sandwich, smoke a Marlboro Red and have a Bloody Mary for breakfast.
    • The pairs scramble format guarantees an enjoyable day of golf, especially with a Bloody Mary and a slice of Chef Sunny's Breakfast Pie to start you off.
    • People come in and won't necessarily be thinking about having a Bloody Mary, but then they see one on the next table and decide to have one.
    • Trying to act mature (despite her inexperience), my mother ordered a Bloody Mary.