Translation of bloom in Spanish:


flor, n.

Pronunciation /blum/ /bluːm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(flower)

      flor feminine
      • Now that it has begun flowering, the blooms are dropping as soon as they open.
      • Though summer may boast more blooms, the flower bulbs of spring hold a special place in our affections.
      • ‘Much of the drama and beauty of exotic blooms is in their unusual, long stems,’ she notes.
      • Daylilies can grow slowly, especially if the plants carry exotic blooms.
      • Then in March the most vivid of blues, the gentian, waves its tiny blooms in my rock garden.
      • Curved, narrow flower beds are best, because hummers can access the blooms from all sides of the plants.
      • The white, pink, red and bi-colored blooms are showy against the dense evergreen shrubs.
      • Pansies at Reliant will be pampered with soil and spray fertilizers to promote strong blooms.
      • You'll need short handled pruners to cut off spent flower blooms, trim vines that have grown into walkways and shape shrubs.
      • Perennials continue to grow and produce blooms for many years to come without reseeding or replanting.
      • Orchids are the second most popular flower and single blooms can be incorporated into a card to make a lovely presentation.
      • In the western world these plants are well known as a source of garden flowers and florists' blooms.
      • For reliable, early blooms in large quantity, many of these early flowering shrubs are as colorful as they are fragrant.
      • Remove from direct sun when flowering to prolong the life of the blooms.
      • Plain glass vases are still a florist's mainstay, and are perfect for those who prefer the focus to stay firmly on the beauty of the blooms.
      • Since yesterday more flowers had blooms, and now there were patches of white amongst the grass, and many more different flowers by the brook.
      • Remove seed pods, and remove spent blooms during the flowering season to encourage more color.
      • The flowers got stuck in the doors - before I could re-open them he pulled out the flowers minus the blooms.
      • Who knows, maybe the reason Cherie would fret over flowers is because the blooms didn't match her wallpaper.
      • Many plants continue to produce new flowers if you remove the spent blooms before they set seeds.

    • 1.2(time of flowering)

      floración feminine
      to be in bloom estar en flor
      • to be in full bloom estar en plena floración
      • to come into bloom florecer
      • in the full bloom of youth en plena juventud
      • The couple will also have the opportunity to meet with Chinese leaders who played a role in restoring bilateral ties and view flowering cherry trees in bloom in Beijing.
      • There were some flowering plants in bloom to be had but most of them were sad things, showing signs of weather damage.
      • Trees were not in bloom in early to mid-February and were in full bloom by early to mid-March.
      • The countryside was bleak in the winter and glorious in the summer - the gardens were beautiful with the rose bushes in bloom and mowed lawns.
      • This can be traumatic for the rosarian, especially if your plant is already in bloom or has lots of buds.
      • Annuals can be an antidote to areas of the garden that are boring as seedlings planted can be in bloom within a few days or weeks and will last between two months to a year depending on the type.
      • To see these and other roses in bloom, visit municipal rose gardens or nurseries.
      • The variegation is a nice feature in a shady garden, especially when nothing is in bloom.
      • Visit a private or public garden to see lilies in bloom and help you decide which ones you like.
      • Depending upon your climate and the species, you can have nerine in bloom from August to January.
      • It's best to buy plants already in bloom to make sure you're getting the right variety.
      • With the right plants and a little luck, you may be able to see Lilacs in bloom in your yard for up to six weeks.
      • Please understand that when I say it was the first time, I mean it was the first time I had ever smelled the flowering plant in full bloom.
      • The middle of the miniature is dominated by a large treetrunk in front of which a rosebush is in bloom.
      • Cows graze contentedly in green fields, pigs and hens fossick in the dirt and bees buzz through orchards in bloom.
      • When the fruit tree is in bloom, they can perhaps subsist by picking the fruit off the tree; but suppose there is a blight, one year, on fruit trees?
      • They had been in bloom for a while now, but she loved her flowers all year round.
      • Since chrysanthemums are among the most widely sold perennials, they are easy to find in bloom almost anywhere this month.
      • Recording which plants are in bloom when pesticide applications are made can be very valuable in future years.
      • Cherry blossoms were in full bloom while orchards started producing the fine small red fruits.

  • 2

    (on fruits, leaves)
    vello masculine
    pelusa feminine
    to lose one's bloom ajarse
    • two years later, their relationship had lost its bloom dos años más tarde, su relación había perdido el encanto
    • to take the bloom off sth empañar algo
    • that took the bloom off the celebrations eso empañó los festejos
    • This waxy layer forms the grape's typically whitish surface, called the bloom.
    • Similarly, recent research by colleagues at Cornell has shown that berries are highly susceptible from bloom until shortly after fruit set, but become much more resistant afterwards.
    • Paraffin wax is purposely added to a mixture to create a surface bloom which acts as a barrier to sun-checking and oxidation.
    • To determine the level of bloom occurrence, the bloom was removed from the fruit surface by cellophane tape, and then affixed to a black acryl-board.
    • The bloom, however, begins to regenerate within a few days, but it does not attain its original prominence.

intransitive verb

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    (plant/tree/garden) florecer
    (flower) abrirse
    it was remarkable how she had bloomed in six short months/with her pregnancy era notable cómo se había desarrollado en apenas seis meses/lo bien que le sentaba el embarazo
    • Clematis viticella ‘Etoile Violette’ is still blooming, the first flowers opened in July.
    • Nong Nooch Gardens recently announced that the flower was blooming only after 5 five years and opened the gardens for a special viewing by residents.
    • You can't force a flower to bloom by ripping the petals open.
    • Sakura is a flower which blooms in Kyoto during this part of the year and that is why I have titled my exhibition accordingly.
    • There is this little flower, which blooms when others die
    • This legendary flower blooms once in 12 years and is due to enliven the mountainscapes, once again in the coming year.
    • They came out with paintings that showed flowers blooming in spring, the water bodies after rain, the colourful world of tribal people, trees laden with mangoes and the mystique of starry nights.
    • It will no longer be ‘spooky’ if it is a spacious area of grass, flat or hilly, with flowers blooming everywhere and trees regularly planted in rows to mark out the blocks of graves.
    • In the beautiful spring with flowers blooming, we set off for Yangzhou.
    • The view of the chambers was a village house that stood nearby, surrounded by, in spring, trees and flowers blooming in the orchard, which must have had a calming effect on the prisoners.
    • The rise in temperature has certainly put nature in a tizzy and there are many reports, not just of birds hatching, but of trees, and shrubs budding and flowers blooming.
    • No matter how much you may think the world revolves around you your deaths will not stop it spinning, will not stop flowers from blooming or the sun from rising in the morning.
    • ‘It was a lovely day, with flowers blooming, but it just happened to be very close to an airfield,’ says Anderson.
    • What if I kept postponing the outing until one day the boys didn't want to pick buttercups, or what if the flowers stopped blooming?
    • Collect seeds from any flower that has a visible seed pod, which becomes obvious as the flowers stop blooming and go dormant in summer or fall.
    • Laura told us later that every week 15 different species of flowers start blooming on the prairie preserve.
    • Mom always used to do all the planting a week before her birthday so she could see the flowers blooming on her special day.
    • There are flowers on the logo and flowers blooming in their corporate ad.
    • These islands that were once dumping yards now wear a pleasant look with flowers blooming all over.
    • Spring has come to Shanghai and we can again see flowers blooming and trees budding.