Translation of blotchy in Spanish:


lleno de manchas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblɑtʃi/ /ˈblɒtʃi/

adjective blotchier, blotchiest

  • 1

    (skin) lleno de manchas
    (painting/writing) emborronado
    (painting/writing) borroneado
    • He smiled, watching Ferik's skin redden and become blotchy from the rain.
    • Her voice had risen to a shriek, and her usually beautiful face was red, blotchy, and streaked with tears.
    • Failure to do so will cause an uneven blotchy appearance on your teak furniture after you apply the sealant.
    • One of the medics, a woman, sat with a woman whose face was reddened and blotchy from crying.
    • Signs to look out for in babies or infants include a high-pitched moaning or whimpering cry, a blank, staring expression and pale, blotchy complexion.