Translation of blouse in Spanish:


blusa, n.

Pronunciation /blaʊs/ /blaʊz/ /ˈblaʊz/


  • 1

    blusa feminine
    • I then unbuttoned my sleeve buttons to the blouse and let that drop to the floor.
    • Christine undid the top three buttons of her blouse, pulling her collar back to reveal the nape of her neck, and looked at Bill expectantly.
    • In the context of an interview with mainstream corporate America, it's best to cover your tattoos and piercings with long-sleeved shirts, blouses, collars, and such.
    • An asymmetrical blouse, a drop-shoulder blouse with bat sleeves and a long skirt with an uneven border were among those displayed.
    • Men wear a shirt over their batik, while women wear close-fitting blouses with tight sleeves over theirs.
    • Raise your arm slightly, see if you can pull your shirt or blouse sleeve away from the underarm to let in a little air.
    • They don't stare at me in awkward silence when a button pops open on the upper part of my blouse.
    • She buttoned up the blouse and slid the cardigan on over it.
    • Cap sleeves and a smock blouse look great with a waistcoat and teamed with a loose, lightweight scarf.
    • She then grabbed up the usual garments she always wore on the weekends, her white blouse with no sleeves and the red mini skirt.
    • Underneath her jacket she wore and off white silk button up blouse shirt that buttoned down just low enough to make my heart race.
    • She rolled up the sleeves to the blouse and blazer to just below her elbows.
    • In the north, the sleeves of the blouse are wide, with lace embroidery along the edges.
    • She was dressed in a pale yellow blouse with a large collar and long sleeves buttoned at the wrists, and tight dark brown slacks.
    • She threw herself on her bed and ripped her shoes off, pulling her black pants on over her jeans and trying to button her black blouse with one hand.
    • Without a second thought, I pulled on the white blouse and buttoned up my jeans.
    • Hang as many items as you can on clothes hangers, beginning with the obvious things like dresses, dress shirts and blouses and hang the hangers on a clothes rod to dry.
    • I wear khakis or black pants and pastel-colored long sleeve blouses.
    • Both men's and women's traditional costumes include a decorative broach used to fasten shirts and blouses.
    • She touches the sleeve of my blouse and her hand lingers there for a moment, as if what she really wants is to play the material between her fingers.
  • 2

    (man's uniform jacket)
    guerrera feminine
    • The comparatively new uniform features jacket and blouse, and a trilby-style hat.
    • Their uniform included a huge floppy beret, a short blouse, and putties.
    • Holly just smirked and slashed the blouse of the soldier's uniform and laughed.
    • When shooting, a student sets up, usually laying his battle dress uniform blouse in the dirt, with his rucksack in front of him.