Translation of blowhole in Spanish:


orificio nasal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbloʊˌhoʊl/ /ˈbləʊhəʊl/


  • 1

    (of whale)
    orificio nasal masculine
    • While the rest of us stood agog as the spray from the whales' blowholes misted over the deck, three divers managed to slip into the water.
    • A calf will hump up onto the back of the sleeping mother, breach onto her, cover her blowhole with his tail.
    • When they dive, muscles close the blowhole and their ribcage collapses to keep air bubbles from forming in the bloodstream.
    • One of the whales spouted a cloud of mist from its blowhole.
    • They are surrounded by crowds of people stroking and patting them often near sensitive areas such as their blowholes and they become obese through uncontrolled feeding.
  • 2

    (in ice)
    orificio de ventilación masculine
    respiradero masculine
    • Soon you come across a blowhole forming a vertical shaft 1.5m in diameter that leads to the surface.
    • Polar bears will stand or lie by the seal’s blowhole in the ice for hours; they may swim towards seals resting on the ice flows with only their nose showing above the water.
    • A burly man raises a stick with a hook on the end to strike a baby seal as it surfaces from a blowhole in the ice.
    • The bears wait and watch at the seal's blowhole, not moving, perhaps hiding their black noses behind the ice.
    • They will sit by a seal blowhole for hours, waiting, until the animal surfaces.