Translation of blowout in Spanish:


comilona, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbloʊˌaʊt/ /ˈbləʊaʊt/


  • 1informal

    comilona feminine informal
    fiestón masculine informal
    • He was still crowing over the success of his Dallas showroom expansion and the blowout coming-out party.
    • But before we can weigh anchor, Flores erupts into Festa do Emigrante, a blowout party celebrating Azorean emigrants' annual return to the islands, beginning in July.
    • Despite the minor grumbles, we had a superb meal - especially with palates so jaded after the festive blowout.
    • My brother Ruben's wedding reception was a blowout party.
    • A haven of genteel entertainment might persuade local residents that there were pleasurable and respectable alternatives to a knock-down drunken blowout every weekend.
    • Mark's annual Derby Weekend blowout creates more buzz about the brand than anything else the company does, he says.
    • The annual seasonal blowout is a chance to display and celebrate the accomplishments - and puppets - neighborhood groups have made over the past year.
    • Who could resist an end-of-season barbecue blowout?
    • The biggest party I ever had was also a Halloween blowout, several years ago back in Kansas.
    • It's more of a kind of brouhaha about springtime and summer's coming, so we're going to have a big blowout.
    • The Centre for Developing-Area Studies, an academic research centre at McGill, is turning 40 years old next week and is planning a big blowout.
    • We will be holding a big blowout for all our friends soon, complete with flour, pudding, and wet noodles.
    • But Mom's been dreaming of a big blowout all her life, and you'd be a lout not to indulge her.
    • Today we turn our critical lens on the big blowout Washington party known as the presidential inauguration.
    • The gorgeous guy you've sorta been going out with is planning to go camping the weekend of your big blowout birthday bash.
    • The ride will leave from town, ride miles of urban singletrack and some pave, and culminate with a blowout BBQ and podium ceremony.
    • It's a blowout affair that includes an unlimited number of roasted ears for every participant.
    • Anna was sixteen, the coolest age for a teen and she should have been having a blowout party with her friends, not sitting at home with her Mom and her Mom's friend.
    • Jokes spring up where you would most and least expect them-in a frat house bedroom during a blowout party, or at an octogenarian's funeral.
    • Visitors from more restrictive states began to make it their weekend blowout destination and a huge tourism business was built around it.
  • 2

    (burst tire)
    reventón masculine
    we had a blowout se nos reventó un neumático
    • You never know when you are going to suffer a tyre blowout or when another driver is just going to be plain careless.
    • Tyre blowouts are common on a lot of trips and this is an area that weight can have a huge effect on.
    • Most roads are gravel, meaning accidents and tyre blowouts are not uncommon.
    • Tubeless radial tyres can cause blowouts because of their weak side walls
    • According to the Corporation, the majority of accidents were due to tyre blowouts.
    • Had I attempted it immediately, there was grave danger of cutting the inner wall of one or both tyres and suffering a blowout.
    • They had suffered a tyre blowout on the way back from a safari park.
    • Most accidents are caused by blowouts or other mechanical failures and stupid drivers with no common sense.
    • This can lead to a panoply of bad results, from poor mileage to on-the-road blowouts.
    • The accident occurred when the taxi suffered a left rear tyre blowout.
    • Speed doesn't necessarily cause blowouts, as others who have posted opinions have said, poor maintenance of the tire can cause a blowout as can faulty valves or the tire being under pressure.
    • Potholing, creation of a steep-sided bowlshaped cavity, may be caused by loss of surfacing, basecourse erosion, advanced cracking under traffic or severe weather, or water-induced blowouts.
    • These blowouts were not from the tyres letting them down but simply from inner tubes exploding!
    • I managed to pull over to the hard shoulder expecting I'd had a blowout on one of my tyres but on inspection they looked fine.
    • ‘Even though a driver could check his tyres that morning he could later get a blowout,’ he added.
    • Aviation experts have designed durable new radial tyres that burst into lighter, more flexible fragments if a blowout occurs.
    • I do remember quite vividly however watching a woman driving a car suffer a blowout.
    • This is dangerous as some of the tyres don't go down but are weakened, which could cause blowouts.
  • 3

    (of fuse)
    there has been a blowout han saltado / se han fundido / se han quemado los fusibles
  • 4US

    paliza feminine informal
    derrota aplastante feminine
    • Only the Vikings broke the barrier in a blowout victory over the Packers.
    • Gus was tenacious defensively; even in a blowout victory he wouldn't let the other team have an inch of space.
    • While the first two games were both blowouts, the first playoff game in Memphis' history was highly competitive with the Spurs never leading by more than 6 points.
    • The President won the election, but only by a couple of percentage points; it wasn't the blowout that those election night maps would seem to indicate.
    • Yes, he was saying the election could be a blowout, but he wasn't saying that was a good thing.
    • As a matter of fact, three of the four first round games yesterday were grim blowouts.
    • Often in a blowout, the referees will give the disadvantaged team some breaks.
    • By the way, both of those NBA games were blowouts.
    • The Patriots have won close games and blowouts.
    • They were entertaining, even if the games were blowouts.
    • He was injured on two plays with marginal impact on the games in which they occurred, games destined to be blowouts regardless of his contributions.
    • A lot of last season's Monday night games were blowouts, but fantasy owners in close battles had reasons to watch.
    • Their playing time figures to come in blowouts or as replacements for players in foul trouble.
    • Game 1 was a blowout, and the Bulls got a major psychological edge that helped them to their second straight title.
    • That game was a blowout, but it wasn't a result of dropping nine players in pass coverage.
    • The team doesn't score enough runs to create blowouts.
    • There are several ways to mitigate a blowout without losing control or playing soft.
    • They've taken turns dominating each other, alternating sweeps and blowouts like a true slugfest in which one heavyweight's attack leaves him winded and vulnerable to the other's pulverizing blows.
    • I would like to look at a different way to approach this issue that accepts that teams have blowouts and one-run wins and incorporates this into the method.
    • But for as much fun as the close ones are to watch, the blowouts might have been the most entertaining games Sunday.
  • 5US

    (argument) disputa feminine
    (outburst) arrebato masculine
    • I had a big blowout with the federal government.
    • If you can't talk about this without a big blowout, write her a letter explaining how you feel.
    • Letting frustrations fester is a real good way to ensure blowouts and fits of anger later on, so best to get it all out in the open.
    • My best friend of over ten years and I had a bad blowout 2 years ago and I tell you, I miss her a lot.
    • She seriously considered that maybe she and Sam had had a blowout argument.
    • Physical, verbal, emotional abuse, infidelity, drunkenness, constant bickering, blowout arguments and shouting matches, financial trouble, stress so bad it put her in the hospital.
    • Slightly more mature, but enough immaturity to still bring on a good blowout fight whenever we feel like.
    • He hasn't tried anything like that since their blowout years ago.
    • I too have had blowouts and the point somebody else made about losing control for a combination of reasons was true for me too.
    • He serves as the amateur therapist of choice to his well-to-do clients, hearing all about their blowouts in the course of their blowouts, and I want to find out why.
    • No one, apparently, could resist asking about the bad blood on the set of his latest film and the epic blowouts between the director and his star.
    • The blowouts are mounting, and the bickering has begun.
    • The other conferences seem to have a lot of blowouts most of the time.