Translation of blowpipe in Spanish:


cerbatana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbloʊˌpaɪp/ /ˈbləʊpʌɪp/


  • 1

    cerbatana feminine
    • An early version of Darts called Puff and Dart, used a blowpipe to fire a dart at the target.
    • The dart from a blowpipe could strike there, but very few pipers could drive a dart hard enough to penetrate through the flesh into the brain.
    • The new laws will also forbid drunks from loitering around liquor stores, carrying baseball bats and fooling around with crossbows, slingshots, blowpipes and airguns.
    • Darters are capable of making blowpipes and shooting excrement-coated darts at their victims.
    • Yes, Puff and Dart, I think it was an early version of darts in which they blew the dart, like a blowpipe, at the target, which I think wasn't like a dartboard of today but just more like an archery target with lots of concentric things.
    • Lashed to the end of the blowpipe is a sharp bayonet with which they administer the coup de grace once the pig is cornered.
    • Izzie preferred poison darts, shot through a blowpipe which hung constantly around her neck like a treasured piece of jewellery.
    • Bending so low, she was practically crawling; Liton drew out her blowpipe, along with eleven darts, pre-dipped.
    • After I'd had my fill of blowpipes, dripping foliage and poisonous frogs I flicked through to an article on peanut farming.
    • I presumed this was a bird, but the asli could have had their blowpipes targeted on my butt all the way.
    • An uninvited face peered around a slatternly bookshelf like a panchromatic pigmy sizing up her potential victim from behind a company of charitable trees with a telephoto blowpipe.
    • This, I suppose, is the origin of the railway's name: the blowpipe is still used by the asli.
    • A group of men and women advanced cautiously into the clearing, covering the wounded with their slings, blowpipes, and bows.
    • A few unsuccessful attempts later, I tried my hand at a seemingly simpler task - shooting a Penan blowpipe.