Translation of blub in Spanish:


lloriquear, v.

Pronunciation /bləb/ /blʌb/

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intransitive verb blubbing, blubbed, blubbed

  • 1

    • I was ok for the most part until my cousin went to speak, and then I could no longer restrain my tears, and blubbed hideously into the tissues I'd luckily remembered to bring with me, turning them into soggy balls of snot and tears.
    • When they eventually troop off, and away, I blub and snivel for hours because the house is suddenly so terribly empty.
    • Its very sad and I always recall blubbing at the end.
    • ‘I don't know how to serve,’ she said before blubbing gently over the microphone.
    • This is the one that had Londonist blubbing out loud by the end.
    • They are the least outwardly emotional, although they are the most prone to blubbing at weddings.
    • When David went off travelling we were all outside blubbing because we will miss him.
    • Playing it at my desk this afternoon, it was so startlingly apt (right down to the name of the bloody airport that K will be flying back from on Friday!) that I nearly lost it and blubbed in the middle of the office.
    • Unlike Ball, he wasn't a World Cup winner, but he blubbed in the semi-final and that seemed sufficient to make him significantly more famous than anyone who did.
    • I've blubbed twice so far at those little films that they're showing which tear your heart out and make you stop laughing.
    • I blubbed when he was sitting in his house with his mum, recalling when he was told he had cancer and came out of the hospital and started thinking about where he wanted to be.
    • I think I may be becoming a sentimental old fool, but that's twice in a month I've blubbed at a drama.
    • Standing on the podium he once again blubbed like a baby, but this time with joy.
    • When the time comes, you will be able to put the boss down with a crushing one-liner and stalk out of the office with head held high, instead of rushing to the pub to blub into your pint.
    • When your wife tells you this, you will blub like a baby.
    • When it was my turn to speak I found it quite difficult to talk without my voice cracking and although I didn't blub I wasn't far off.
    • I demand to be allowed to blub like a baby at least once a year.
    • If you aren't prepared for it, the very last sentence of this book might hit you hard and even make you blub.
    • But then she decided that she was going to be no use to anyone if she was going to blub all the time.
    • Anyway enough of that I'll be blubbing next getting all nostalgic and telling you about my toy and comic collection which I no longer have, and if I wanted it back would cost me roughly the same amount as small island in the South Pacific.