Translation of bludger in Spanish:


gorrón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblʌdʒə/


Australian, New Zealand
  • 1

    gorrón masculine informal
    gorrona feminine informal
    garronero masculine River Plate informal
    garronera feminine River Plate informal
    bolsero masculine Chile informal
    bolsera feminine Chile informal
    (from welfare state) parásito masculine informal
    (from welfare state) parásita feminine informal
    • You're a taxpayer-funded bludger, coward, tyrant-appeaser and liar.
    • Now, these go-getters resent handing over almost half their earnings to subsidise the lifestyles of geriatrics, single mums that push prams around at the local shopping centre, and other variants of so called bludgers.
    • Curse the bludgers who created this problem by not paying their dues!
    • For all the fluff written about baby-boomer demands in retirement, the real bludgers on the welfare of the country are the baby boomers' parents who are already in retirement.
    • They say non-members are bludgers, but ignore the obvious fact that sustainable pay rises are based on productivity, rather than union intervention.
    • As there seems to be genuine confusion in Australia today about real battlers and bludgers I would like to offer an example of what a real bludger might be.
    • People who break a rule of the immensely complex social security act, become cheats, thieves and bludgers.
    • I am always willing to help those who wish to help themselves but the hardcore benefit bludgers deserve a rocket.
    • We might hate queue jumpers, but we also detest hypocrites and bludgers.
    • Are there masses of bludgers stealing the sweat from the brows of hard-working New Zealanders?
    • I felt worthless without something to do - although I taught myself to cook when I was well enough, I still felt like a complete bludger, even though I was not actually on a benefit.
    • When asked what I do for a living I either just say that I eat and drink or state as my profession bludger.
    • It's one thing to stay at home a bit longer to take advantage of free or low rent with the parents or parent in order to save money for the future, but to use this time to just be a bludger is such a waste.
    • It is possible that this structure could accomplish something, if these relatives, cronies, hangers on, drones and bludgers were of any consequence, or even if they were a little better than mediocre.
    • They also tapped into the notion of a fair go, and whilst the media image of them as bludgers had sunk in, the Australian people said that the government was not being fair.
    • And all of this is aimed at propping up the leeching bludgers from the non-industry superannuation sector.
    • Firstly, we could be more generous to the people who really do need our help, because they are being deprived by those bludgers.
    • Indeed this alternative definition is laced with the idea that welfare reform should be about punishment of bludgers.
    • Why attack them for being bludgers when they are providing the upbringing of our young people who are the future of this country?
    • One of the good things about this job has been proving to myself that I hadn't become a bludger.