Translation of blue in Spanish:


azul, adj.

Pronunciation /blu/ /bluː/

adjective bluer, bluest

  • 1

    (dress/sea/sky) azul
    blue with cold amoratado de frío
    • she went blue in the face se le amorató la cara
  • 2

    • 2.1informal (pornographic)

      (invariable adjective) porno
      colorado Mexico

    • 2.2(risqué)

      subido de color
      subido de tono

  • 3US

  • 4British informal



  • 1

    azul masculine
    dark/light blue azul oscuro/claro
    • to vanish / disappear into the blue esfumarse
    • she/it vanished / disappeared into the blue se esfumó
    • As one would stare upwards, the sky would change from red, to orange, to green, to dark blue, to royal purple.
    • Using strong colours like dark blue, deep reds and yellows, her work is certainly striking.
    • All samples are shown at the same magnification, with spindles in green and DNA in blue.
    • This being the set I reviewed, they also come in blue, yellow, green sliver and black.
    • I was hoping she'd turn up to work the next day in blue and green, but she didn't.
    • She had the children in mind in choosing colours, wares, right down to bathroom sets in blue for boys and pink for girls.
    • Designers took the traditional Masonic colours - green and gold - and wove in blue and black.
    • It's cluttered and the colours (dark blue and purple) will not be to many people's tastes.
    • One in brilliant yellow, another scarlet red and the two remaining were adorned in blue and glass green.
    • Familiar in its colourless form, it also occurs in a wide range of strong colours including blue, green, pink, and yellow.
    • It is even available in bright colours like blue, green, yellow and orange.
    • My room is colored in blue with glow in the dark stars and planets on them.
    • The vehicle involved, which had also been damaged, had been a light green or blue in colour, although the make or model was not known.
    • Inside are piles of battered registers, marked with the date in blue.
    • The water-resistant fabric is available in blue, green or natural.
    • If it is in red ink, the letter is false; if in blue, it is true.
    • The words in blue are ‘hyperlinks’ and clicking on them will take you to an area with more information.
    • Just remember, if you see text in blue in this article, that means we clipped it from the editorial section.
    • The Thursday evening changes are marked in red; the Friday changes in blue.
    • There was a photograph on the wall of a model with tresses boldly streaked in blue - I was concerned.
  • 2British

    deportista representante de Oxford o Cambridge

transitive verb

  • 1

    pulirse Spain informal
    patinarse River Plate informal
    hacer sonar Chile informal