Translation of blue-black in Spanish:


azul muy oscuro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbluˌblæk/


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    azul muy oscuro
    • The drupes are metallic blue that later turn blue-black to black and ripen in October.
    • The blue-black tongue, the bluer the better, bespeaks a sweeter meat; and a straight hind leg yields more meat.
    • The body of humpback whales is usually blue-black or black overall with irregular white coloration on the throat and sides.
    • His hair was short and wavy, and oh, so black, a true blue-black, such as Pamela had rarely seen before.
    • The blue glow dulled to blue-black, pulsing like a bruise, an open sore on the solar system.
    • No dragons even graced the plain that night, it was dead silent, the silver moon still in the blue-black, star-studded sky.
    • Dark clouds were gathering on the horizon, a grayish-purple that barely stood out against the blue-black of the night sky.
    • The sky was clear and blue-black, with the layer of clouds below blocking any chance of seeing the ocean at the cruising altitude.
    • I stared at the stars, twinkling white against a blue-black night sky.
    • A few wisps of cloud remained, but now the sky was inky blue-black, with a sparkle of stars.
    • She had wavy blue-black hair, and surprisingly royal blue eyes.
    • It shifts to darkest blue-black and fades to a lighter, almost periwinkle blue.
    • Graham calls it blue-black, but it looks about as close to black as I've ever seen a flower.
    • Her hair was black and straight instead of the blue-black ringlets he remembered.
    • I was pretty good at drawing diagrams of leaves and stuff, and I liked dropping iodine onto things that contained starch and watching them turn blue-black, but not much else.
    • Over my shoulder a blue-black storm built in the east.
    • Here the funeral procession, muted in blue-black as it is, nonetheless has the same kind of psychological and aesthetic impact.
    • Most impressive when in flower, the strongly fragrant golden spikes shine like beacons across the winter garden, followed by clusters of blue-black berries.
    • The thinner outer branches catch, singing the brown and green bark to blue-black ash, coiling the leaves into wilted cigars.
    • I appear to have dyed my hair a rather frightening blue-black…