Translation of blue cheese in Spanish:

blue cheese

queso azul, n.


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    queso azul masculine
    • To the pastry add crumbled ricotta cheese, crumbled blue cheese, caramelized onions and the chopped artichoke hearts.
    • To turn this salad into a complete meal, add mozzarella cheese or blue cheese.
    • The other soup choices that day were: mixed vegetables, carrot and cilantro, lentil and bacon, cauliflower and blue cheese, and cream of mushroom.
    • Other dishes included chicken and mushroom puff pastry pie; blue cheese gnocchi; spinach and ricotta cannelloni; and haddock corn and pea pie.
    • If you prefer it with more of a kick, use blue cheese instead of parmesan, or stir in a good pinch of garam masala.
    • Also absent from the list of toppings are gorgonzola, feta and blue cheeses, fresh garlic, arugula, zucchini and capers.
    • A roasted pear stuffed with blue cheese and splashed with a port-wine-laced vinaigrette produces an enticingly light beignet.
    • Grilled flatbread with fresh, roasted figs, a pungent melt of blue cheese and a cap of pleasantly bitter arugula leaves has the appeal of some inspired pizza mutant.
    • I would much rather eat raisins than, say, blue cheese or insects.
    • There's a salad with Spanish judion beans and piquant blue cheese, a dish of salty sweet peppers, roast aubergines with a nutty tahini dressing and a pile of crisp spring rolls filled with bean shoots and mint.
    • If you don't like the assertive flavor of a blue cheese, try Asiago or feta cheese instead.
    • I had the pear and cashel blue cheese salad with candied pecans and lemon vinaigrette.
    • The burger wasn't life-changing, but it was totally satisfying, served on a good bun with some thin onion rings tossed with crumbled blue cheese.
    • A plate of cold cuts, an assortment of olives, nuts, some dried fruit and a tangy chunk of blue cheese is full of flavor.
    • Arrange the fennel mixture on the endives and sprinkle with blue cheese and pecans.
    • Place the cream, yoghurt, eggs and blue cheese in a food processor and blend briefly, until combined, then season with salt and pepper.
    • I add blue cheese and do them bite-size instead, which makes them easier to eat and less likely to sink despondently on cooling.
    • ‘We hope this third blue cheese will cement our reputation for excellence in blue cheese making,’ she said.
    • Here I am then, facing a near empty fridge, wondering whether to try and force down blue cheese on toast or a stilton and mayonnaise sandwich, or whether to go without altogether.
    • Apart from making a small amount of hard cheese and yoghurt to sell locally, blue cheese is the company's mainstay and Louis says a decision will have to be made on whether or not to expand the range.