Translation of bluish in Spanish:


azulado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbluɪʃ/ /ˈbluːɪʃ/


  • 1

    a bluish green un verde azulado
    • Just weeks ago, Beth was suffering from alarming blue spells in which her body would have a bluish tinge brought on a lack of oxygen to her heart.
    • She will always have a blueish tinge and she gets a little bit breathless.
    • A shadow fell across the shower curtain, as Jenny walked into the room, a horrible blueish tinge to her skin.
    • I could see him clearly through his luminous bluish mist, his blue eyes watching me with worry.
    • He hid them behind his back, clutching both wrists with slightly bluish fingers.
    • The sky faded from the dark bluish purple of twilight, to the bright white color of a pearl before her eyes.
    • His face was lean and hungry, topped with black hair that held a bluish tinge.
    • Yes, under certain atmospheric conditions the Moon in the sky may attain a somewhat bluish tinge, but that is irrelevant.
    • He has no hair of any kind anywhere and his shirtless chest shows that his skin has a bluish tinge to it!
    • He was pasty pale in the face as if he was ill, and his thick, swollen lips had a bluish tinge.
    • Also, the curtains themselves are not completely opaque, so that the light shows through as two slightly blueish areas against the blackness.
    • It was a pair of Pyjamas, typical pale faded blue and blueish white stripes.
    • It is pitch black on its upper part, lined with a bluish purple hue.
    • Some New Zealand lichen dyes produced other colours like bluish purples.
    • On his forehead resides a swollen, bluish bruise that is most likely throbbing painfully.
    • Her hair drifted around her face in the soft, chilly breeze, almost purple in the bluish night.
    • The dark bluish liquid was not disturbed for the last several hours.
    • A nice mass of purple, red and bluish flowers were ready to leave the florist's place.
    • A slight, bluish light sprung down upon a darkened figure seated thirty feet from me.
    • Varieties with bluish or purplish leaves are hardier than those with greener leaves.