Translation of blunderbuss in Spanish:


trabuco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbləndərˌbəs/ /ˈblʌndəbʌs/


  • 1

    trabuco masculine
    • Arrived outside, they collected some blunderbusses, rifles and revolvers, and took up a position behind some sandhills.
    • However, his soldiers now have more primitive weapons, such as blunderbusses, muskets, swords, and repeating crossbows.
    • I should have used a blunderbuss not a derringer.
    • In addition to the fine furniture, pictures, silver and glass that one might expect, there are also fans, duelling pistols and blunderbusses, a tiger skin rug, a butcher's block, a spinning wheel, a Dun Emer carpet and sporting equipment.
    • Messengers would travel by stagecoach armed with pistols and blunderbusses, ready to shoot to kill any bandits or highwaymen.