Translation of blurb in Spanish:


propaganda, n.

Pronunciation /blərb/ /bləːb/


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    propaganda feminine
    (en folleto, tapa de libro etc) nota publicitaria feminine
    • Indian, not Native American, is how his book blurbs describe him: in one short story in this collection a character dryly observes that ‘Native American’ is an oxymoron.
    • The blurb described the book as a private detective's journey through personal betrayal to a form of redemption.
    • If he has got a way with words, he might want to think about firing the person writing his promotional blurbs and doing it himself.
    • The blurb describes it as an ‘altogether morally confused piece of work’.
    • While I'm here, does anyone actually read the descriptive blurb on the back of dvds?
    • I find it fairly easy to blog while writing film scripts, articles, introductions, blurbs and short stories.
    • Your short little blurbs regarding faith based social services in Texas are reminiscent of the sound-bites we get from most mainstream media.
    • The writing is lively and fun to read; you can actually picture the film freaks foaming at the mouths as they wrote their film blurbs!
    • I'll write a nice blurb for his book first, though.
    • Oh, and when you reach the website, read the promotional blurb.
    • There was, in fact, discussion about such a note but however it was worded it sounded more like a promotional blurb than a serious warning.
    • That this is the volume's main thrust is not apparent from the dust-jacket description or laudatory blurbs from colleagues.
    • And while many fans read the short blurb as a shock, others saw this coming as clearly as a run-in chair shot.
    • Each jury panel selected three finalists, then composed a short blurb about each.
    • When they observe volunteers doing something great, they snap photos and display them along with the volunteers' names and short blurbs about their volunteer ministry on a display board in the lobby.
    • I'm sure it takes a monstrous ego to be a White House speechwriter, but do these guys really believe their own promotional blurbs?
    • We all know how book blurbs and theatre notices can, by careful editing, turn critical comments into a rave review.
    • A good friend of mine who was also my publisher at one time, wrote on the blurb of my book that my stories were about women's lives.
    • I posted it anonymously because I also wrote a blurb for the book, and I didn't want to look as if I was piling on.
    • If the message board allows it, you can even include a short promotional blurb about your site at the end of your posts.