Translation of blurred in Spanish:


borroso, adj.

Pronunciation /blərd/ /bləːd/


  • 1

    (hills/outline/image/vision) borroso
    (sound) indistinto
    (sound) poco claro
    all the photos were blurred todas las fotos habían salido mal enfocadas
    • I felt dizzy and then everything went blurred me mareé y empecé a verlo todo borroso
    • his vision started to get blurred empezó a nublársele la vista
    • the picture became blurred la imagen perdió nitidez
    • the distinction had become blurred in her mind ya no veía claramente la diferencia
    • The actual midden matrix itself was a stratigraphical disappointment with its depositional history blurred beyond recovery.
    • Polishing the clouds, the blue of my eyes shines through the blurred glass.
    • The lines dividing the first form of self-assertion from the second aren't merely being blurred; they're getting paved over.
    • In the brave new world of convergence, the distinctions are becoming blurred.
    • She looked out over the blurred hedgerows to the long, sloping meadow.
    • To your average layman the difference between freestyle and extreme is nothing if not blurred.
    • Many live in a colorful world of fantasy and the lines between truth and fiction are often blurred.
    • In this study, it became apparent that the boundaries between home, community, and work blurred considerably for rural women.
    • The boundary between the two degrees of disability obviously is blurred, and reasonable people will often disagree about a particular case.
    • I had lost all consciousness of bodily sensations and thoughts, and awareness, which was initially clear and present at the start of the practice, now became indistinct and blurred.
    • It was tough to get through the blurred definitions as he was using the design press jargon.
    • In this industry, the lines are often blurred between what is part of the game and what should be allowed as entertainment.
    • Indeed, in certain respects the author has been let down by the publisher - the conclusion contains sections with blurred printing and poorly cut pages.
    • It is clear that in these two countries the distinction between the US's civilian and military activities has been completely, and deliberately, blurred.
    • In such an atmosphere, it is inevitable that dissent will be equated with disloyalty and that the line between the two will be blurred.
    • In practice, however, the line between the two is blurred.
    • The two processes are indeed blurred in some interpretations of Jewish humor.
    • The past has been blurred, welcome to the future.
    • Business will always have vested interests and the line between communication and propaganda can be too easily blurred.
    • The dividing line between bad fortune and folly is sometimes blurred.
    • We certainly wouldn't be trying to emulate people with blurred vision.
    • The darkness was unworldly, he thought; objects blurred into each other, colors shifted to become unnatural.
    • Symptoms included nausea, vertigo, headaches and blurred vision.
    • Ask as well about more subtle signs like difficulty with memory, clumsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, and drowsiness.
    • Other symptoms that may occur are wounds and cuts that won't heal, recurring infections and blurred vision.
    • When an opium addict stops smoking opium, his vision becomes blurred and he cannot keep proper balance.
    • Vigilance is needed for any features of possible optic neuropathy, such as blurred vision, impaired colour perception, and reduced visual acuity
    • Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system affecting nerve fibres that can cause upset balance, blurred vision and fatigue.
    • I've been suffering from some blurred vision since Argentina, but it's improving everyday.
    • After weeks and weeks of blurred vision and of holding books and paper at arm's length, the whole world, near and far, leapt into sharp focus once more.
    • He has jettisoned hyperrealism in favor of a distinctly blurred image.
    • The slower the shutter speed, the more blurred the background.
    • At wits, I stopped to look at the stars, slightly blurred by a haze, but bright and glowing.
    • The image obtained on SiS315 looks even more blurred especially on the polygon edges.
    • Images are frequently blurred to the point of abstraction.
    • The face is in focus and the edges are all blurred!
    • To give you a subject with sharp focus in the foreground and a gently blurred background, you need to select an aperture around f2.8 to f4.
    • An eye surgeon has been accused of serious professional misconduct after a client who had laser surgery to correct short-sightedness says he was left with blurred vision.
    • Blurred vision and rainbow lights may result from corneal edema.
    • It's a chilling study of the abuse of power and denial of human dignity; the piece ends with blurred images of women's faces dangling from the ceiling.