Translation of blurt in Spanish:


Pronunciation /blərt/ /bləːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to blurt sth (out) espetar algo
    • Suddenly a thought occurred to his young mind and he blurted it out before thinking it properly through.
    • When describing his test debut he blurts it out.
    • She just sometimes blurts things out before she thinks, and I think we should try to forgive it and go on.
    • He blurts some knee-jerk retort about his music always being authentic and soulful then pauses and thinks about it a bit.
    • He blurts it out as though it were the most natural thing in the world.
    • These are the days when I can't be bothered talking about the hassles, but am happier just blurting them out ‘silently’ on here.
    • Yet there I was in thick make-up and bad costumes, willingly standing on the stage and blurting my few lines.
    • I had one such idea last night over dinner and I blurted it out straight away.
    • As soon as Leslie's name was blurted out on a TV programme, the newspapers piled in.
    • It was also in the back of my mind that my son might have had a few drinks one night, and blurted it out.
    • I don't really think he meant to blurt it out that way, but he was nervous.
    • But it just won't do to get up on stage and thrash around, and cry, and blurt things out.
    • There's no more graceful way to say it, so I'll just blurt it out: What the hell is this?
    • I would much prefer people found the pain that lies beneath rather than blurt it out and have it paraded and advertised.
    • Once you start, it is essential that you don't just blurt it all out as this may sound like you are blaming him.
    • You could tell he didn't think much of my work, though he was far too polite to blurt it out.
    • Then they are like, talking late one night and Tammy blurts it out.
    • He blurts things out without even meaning it, yet, he doesn't apologize!
    • Daphne blurts the childlike word automatically, unthinking, and she rushes forward.
    • He memorises quotes from movies and blurts them out at inopportune moments.