Translation of blush in Spanish:


ruborizarse, v.

Pronunciation /bləʃ/ /blʌʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ponerse colorado
    ponerse rojo
    I blush easily me ruborizo por nada
    • he blushed scarlet at her words se puso como la grana con lo que dijo
    • she blushed with shame se puso colorada de vergüenza
    • I blush to admit that … me avergüenza tener que reconocer que …
    • When he asked us why we were giving him a present, we just blushed - our shame at the real reason was interpreted as a crush.
    • I shook my head to clear the thought as my face blushed with shame.
    • I answered, blushing slightly, my shyness obvious in my soft yet high voice.
    • Scarlet blushed and they all leaned toward her but she began to walk off.
    • Her friends started clapping loudly, hooting and hollering as Scarlet just blushed.
    • Rob lay down next to her, and reached out his hand, still blushing but ignoring his embarrassment and taking her hand in his.
    • He glared at her, and realised with embarrassment that he was blushing, which only made him blush all the more.
    • I blushed further shades of embarrassment, trying to hide myself under my raven dark hair.
    • She blushed deeply from embarrassment and tears grew once more in the garden of her eyes.
    • Mackenzie didn't say anything and just blushed, his cheeks burning scarlet.
    • Claudia shook her head, blushing slightly in embarrassment as all eyes looked at them.
    • Thank God, there were no lights; I could so feel my face burn up, probably blushing.
    • Well at least he thought she was blushing, the colour on her face was so varied it was hard to tell.
    • Tom humbly bowed his head and his cheeks blushed in the embarrassment.
    • She looked down at herself, and blushed so deep a crimson it was easily visible through the white fur on her chest.
    • Jennifer smiled at the way Scott blushed, the red flush working its way up from his neck to the top of his face.
    • Now it was Gabe's turn to squirm and blush as crimson as roses.
    • Anthony's hand brushed against mine ever so slightly as we were moving to get in, and I blushed a deep scarlet.
    • She blushed a deep scarlet and I couldn't help but grin even more.
    • She blushed scarlet, and saw that her father saw the whole thing, and was turning beat red.


  • 1

    (in cheeks)
    rubor masculine
    • Lor gave a faint, but apparent sign of a blush in her cheek.
    • Their button black eyes looked her over and lingered on certain areas that made her feel very uncomfortable and brought a faint blush to her cheeks.
    • Some of the comments are priceless and deserve to be preserved, with the hope that they might at some future date bring a blush of shame to the cheeks of the more honorable.
    • They smiled warmly at each other and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.
    • When she spoke of sexual abuse, a faint blush crept up her cheeks.
    • He raised his head to look at her, meeting her eyes and giving her a sly smile, causing a faint blush to appear on her cheeks.
    • That old nick name never went away, bringing a blush to her cheeks every time, it was a sign that her father was happy to see her.
    • ‘You mean you,’ I pointed out, laughing when a faint blush crossed her cheeks.
    • She cried outrageously, a faint blush coming to her cheeks.
    • I shook my head, feeling a faint blush on my cheeks.
    • She brushed her fingers on her lips, as she felt a faint blush appear.
    • A blush reddens the silent girl's cheeks slowly, and Chester drops her fork in concern, eyes darting wildly from the girl to me.
    • I felt like an idiot, and she could see the blush of shame in my face.
    • A blush of anger and embarrassment heated her cheeks and her irritation was further stretched.
    • I would be mortified cancelling someone who had flown 600 miles to see me, but important men don't sport the blush of shame.
    • The blush of shame was upon her cheek, and she hung her head.
    • I am not certain what to make of the tune but the video does bring a healthy blush to my cheeks.
    • A deep blush of embarrassment at being caught starring outside the window heated her cheeks and she looked down her hands, resting on her lap.
    • Brian noticed this, and broke out in a sudden blush of embarrassment.
    • I could just picture her, her cheeks tinged with a faint blush, the way she always looked when she spoke to me.
  • 2

    (in sky, flower)
    tono rosáceo masculine
    • As he sprays reactive chemicals on the test strips, a pink blush spreads across the paper.
    • From the front view was the setting sun giving a blush of pink, peach, orange and some purple.
    • A bright hue, a rosy blush, pretty skin that's blemish free, and a plump shape - these are generally key for ripe fruits.
    • As soft as a blush when one is complimented, a pink hue with the warm sweetness of jasmine in a bottle that too is a blush colour yet is more romantic in tone, luminous in feel.
    • Pea-like flowers open to a lavender blush, then mellow to buff yellow and will perfume the garden from midsummer to autumn.
    • Its general colouring is white tinged with rosy blush and it has two long red shaft tail streamers.
    • Black, white and cream accentuated with shades of pink from soft blush through raspberry sorbet.
    • The sun sets with every shade of blush and rose imaginable lacing across the horizon.
    • The small, tubular flowers are a translucent white with the faintest blush of rose.
    • In the Near East white apricots are common, with pale skin and pink blush.
    • The market glittered with colour; the reds of the paprika, the deep blush of the red hot dried chillis.