Translation of board game in Spanish:

board game

juego de mesa, n.


  • 1

    juego de mesa masculine
    • What happens within them conforms to a closed system of rules, as in a board game - or a round of dominoes.
    • Two guards sat at the end of the hallway, involved in a board game.
    • This gives it a unique character, more akin to a board game such as chess than to a normal card game.
    • Chess, a board game, was leading and competing with all these other stories.
    • The cornerstone of the Korean board gaming scene is the board game cafe.
    • I've never won a board game, and have only won a game of cards once.
    • You're working harder to destroy a fictional board game than you are to end the actual dope game.
    • A colleague who once said that chess was only a board game earned the brisk retort that, no, chess was an art form.
    • The same elements that make for a good board game make for a good computer game, with really only minor variation.
    • Children and adults both play a game called bao, a board game played widely throughout Africa.
    • What bits of the film don't involve running usually feature people playing a board game.
    • This board game, it is hoped, will spread the message that intake of vegetables is necessary for a healthy and balanced diet.
    • It's a board game from 1966 about what careers girls can have when they grow up!
    • Do homework or bake pumpkin muffins or take a walk or play a board game.
    • Despite feeling poorly, the photogenic schoolgirl manages a broad smile as she snuggles on the sofa with her favourite board game.
    • You feel as if you've actually entered a board game or a Hollywood set.
    • Is it necessary to eradicate the drinking culture altogether, so we all stay in with a good book or maybe a board game if it's your birthday?
    • We reflected on their sad evening, as we enjoyed our board game.
    • On the off chance I decide to try something new and purchase a board game, which one should I purchase?
    • Yoga classes are held every Monday night but anyone not interested in yoga can have a chat or try their luck at a board game.