Translation of boarding pass in Spanish:

boarding pass

tarjeta de embarque, n.


  • 1

    tarjeta de embarque feminine
    pase de abordar masculine Chile, Mexico
    • In the second step, the passenger takes the boarding pass to the bag check location, where an agent scans in the pass and luggage tags are printed and attached.
    • If casinos' practices were followed, images would be taken at check-in, while would-be passengers obtain boarding passes and check luggage.
    • Customers on late flights may want to hold on to their boarding passes and check their accounts frequently to see if the miles post.
    • Customers with domestic e-tickets will be able to use the kiosk to check in, print boarding passes, change seats and purchase upgrades.
    • The kiosks can be used by passengers returning to the USA, allowing them to check in, check bags and obtain boarding passes.
    • He proceeded to check the boarding passes of sleepy travellers as they headed for the plane, and he was last onto the aircraft, giving the lads a hand with the bags, no doubt.
    • Instead, passengers will need to pick up a boarding pass at ticket counters, curbside check-ins, self-service ticket kiosks or by checking in and printing out passes from airline Web sites.
    • Passengers selected for further screening will have both sides of their boarding pass or other travel documents swabbed with gauze that is then inserted into the machine's test chamber.
    • Customers are also able to print a receipt for a ticket purchase along with the boarding pass, similar to features available on the airline's airport kiosks.
    • I checked to make sure I had my boarding pass to pass on to accounts.
    • Three people checked his boarding card, and it clearly says Leeds-Bradford Airport, Flight 412.
    • He had been queuing for fifteen minutes, whilst we had been siting in the cafeteria smoking, and just sauntered to the place where they check the boarding cards rather than pointlessly joining an artificial queue.
    • An e-mail has been sent to all airport staff asking for help with loading X-ray machines and checking boarding cards during the coming busy weekend.
    • He was a passenger and had a boarding card but as soon as he reached the security search area it was picked up on straight away.
    • These gateside kiosks will print itinerary receipts that will serve as boarding passes.
    • The carrier says most customers can get their boarding pass often in less than 90 seconds.
    • So I mark my pages with boarding passes and ticket butts from around the globe.
    • Domestic passengers can use the touch-screen kiosks to receive a boarding pass if they have an electronic ticket.
    • The printouts - which replace traditional boarding passes issued at airport check-ins allowing access to secure areas - should be specific to only one individual passenger.
    • Passengers said they were given boarding passes at around 3am but were later told the pilots had exceeded their flying time and they could not travel until Saturday afternoon.