Translation of boat in Spanish:


barco, n.

Pronunciation /boʊt/ /bəʊt/


  • 1

    barco masculine
    embarcación feminine formal
    (small, open) bote masculine
    (small, open) barca feminine
    we went to Singapore by boat fuimos a Singapur en barco
    • This in turn causes surrounding air to rush into the sail and propel the boat further.
    • Fu told Baja, as well as reporters, that the fishermen strayed into Philippine waters after their boat engine malfunctioned.
    • He and many others landed jobs on in-shore mackerel boats, fishing tamer waters around the isle.
    • Sure, every solo sailor has this terrible image of them falling off the boat and watching the boat sail away perfectly trimmed up, under auto pilot.
    • However Albert said that sailing on the Asgard was a completely different experience to sailing on smaller boats and yachts.
    • Stromness lifeboat was called out on Sunday evening after a fishing boat with engine trouble began drifting towards shore near the Bay of Skaill.
    • While the boat was sailing towards the land, everyone on the shore became active.
    • She shifted her gaze to where he motioned for her to look and saw boats with white sails skimming lazily across the still orange-tinted waters.
    • Sometimes the Coliseum was transformed into a desert or into a jungle, and it could also be filled with water and turned into a lake so boats could sail in it.
    • If you are an expert sailor or you can't tell a reef knot from a mainbrace, just turn up and you can be sure of being welcomed on one of the club boats for a sail.
    • Nearby, fisherman Rolando Ramirez helped others pull their fishing boats from the water.
    • Working feverishly, the crew and shore team refitted the boat and sailed it to La Rochelle in time to rejoin the race in leg eight.
    • It's interesting that both films start with McCrea on a boat, sailing into unknown waters.
    • It was a short wait and it wasn't long until the three of them were piled into a small boat and sent sailing off into the water.
    • Dogs and cows luxuriate in the sudden coolness; paper boats sail to unknown destinations on swift flowing drain water.
    • Yes, we can all sail our boats along the surface of the water, so long as we obey federal regulations regarding navigation.
    • About an hour into the trip, the boat's engine hit a rock and lost power; the craft was battered by waves and soon capsized.
    • The propeller from the boat's engine was embedded 6 inches into a fence post.
    • At age 72, Pam sails her own boat and each year takes a wicked sailing trip to the Caribbean with friends.
    • We were a tight-knit group of three once the boat had set sail, and we were in a large dining area.