Translation of bobby pin in Spanish:

bobby pin

horquilla, n.


  • 1

    horquilla feminine
    pasador masculine Mexico
    pinche masculine Chile
    • STEP 7: Secure with a bobby pin at the top of the ponytail.
    • He leaned against the bars and thought for a moment, ‘do you have a bobby pin or some other clip in your hair?’
    • Next, wrap the loose section of hair around the elastic to cover, then secure the end of it under the base of the ponytail with a bobby pin.
    • Bewildered, she bent down to look for whatever it was she had dropped, thinking it likely a bobby pin from her elaborately pinned hair.
    • Luckily, something I had always used to pass time when I was bored in class was picking a lock over and over with a bobby pin.
    • She pulled out a bobby pin from her braids and bent it backwards.
    • With shaky hands, she gently pulled back the front of her hair and clipped it back with a bobby pin.
    • ‘It's… it's nice,’ she offered, securing her longish bangs away from her face with a bobby pin she extracted from her purse.
    • ‘Oh, suck it up,’ I grumbled, grabbing her finger, examining the splinter, and pulling it out with a bobby pin she had handy.
    • The burglar pulled out a bobby pin from his short dirty-blond hair and began picking the lock; he paused only once to gaze down at where Kamouri lay silently beneath him.
    • His childhood memories read like urban myths: sleeping in an apartment so cold his dog froze to death one night, watching aunts cook rice on an iron and flip steaks with a bobby pin.
    • Trying to push away negative memories, she peeked at her hair in the mirror, quickly adjusted the bobby pin that held the curls out of her face, and hurried out the door.
    • Biletnikoff could catch a bobby pin in a hurricane.
    • Rika snatches the bobby pin from her and bends it.
    • Meg took a bobby pin out of her hair and pocketed it.
    • The rolled portions were held in place with a bobby pin.
    • Something did not seem right about the situation in general, which led Lyasan to find a bobby pin from inside of her backpack and pick the lock on the door.
    • I found an empty classroom and picked the lock with a bobby pin that was in my hair.
    • Pushing my hair out of my face, I inserted the bobby pin in the keyhole.
    • Dutifully Meg rubbed her hair and brought her hands back down, and suddenly out of nowhere she felt a bobby pin.