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Pronunciación /boʊd/ /bəʊd/

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verbo intransitivo

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    to bode well/ill ser buena/mala señal
    • their attitude bodes ill/well for the project su actitud no augura nada bueno/promete mucho para el proyecto
    • Both are key inflation readings which bode well for interest rates and the economy.
    • Losing larger Scottish companies at the recent rate does not bode well for the next rung down the ladder.
    • That would bode well for businesses should the court consider the issue again.
    • Dench and others believe the future doesn't bode well for health care consumers.
    • This did not bode well at the time, and subsequent events have not been happy.
    • The player has passed through four rugby league teams in a professional career that has lasted just six years, which does not bode well.
    • Most likely not, but it does bode well for a lot of smaller pictures to gain some much needed attention.
    • This shirking of my writing does not bode well for my prospects when I get a ‘real’ job.
    • Not only does this seem unfair, but the tendency of the public school boy to underperform at university does not bode well for Oxford.
    • Some observers say this does not bode well for next year's presidential elections.
    • His stage presence and his command of the text bode well for an acting career should he choose to pursue that direction.
    • It has a corporate feel to it that doesn't bode well for quality.
    • I'm a firm believer that too much time on your own doesn't bode well.
    • While there are risks with such little home equity, this does bode well for their financial futures.
    • And reports this week that he has taken charge of deciding transfer targets do not bode well for McCall.
    • I have a feeling this might not bode well for the costume parade in our little park on Sunday.
    • This internalised focus does not, however, bode well for future economic development of the community.
    • A number of key social trends emerged in the latest Census data which don't bode well for the region.
    • This consideration does not bode well for the vitality of the art community.
    • It certainly does not bode well for the originator of the report should his or her identity be discovered.

verbo transitivo

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    this news bodes no good esta noticia no presagia / no augura nada bueno