Translation of bodega in Spanish:


tienda de comestibles, n.

Pronunciation /boʊˈdeɪɡə/ /bəˈdeɪɡə/


  • 1

    (grocery store)
    tienda de comestibles feminine
    tienda de abarrotes feminine Mexico
    almacén masculine Southern Cone
    • Johnson smoked American Spirits, and Melissa hadn't seen a bodega or smoke shop since arriving in the afterworld.
    • Both brands outsell American coffee in Miami-Dade County and are sold nationwide in bodegas and many supermarkets.
    • Exit the highway, and just over the hill are pre-World War II apartment buildings, bodegas, tire repair shops, and other small neighborhood businesses.
    • Set off on foot across the rolling hills of Rioja, on a self-guided walking tour that takes you off the beaten track into beautiful medieval villages and local bodegas for wine tastings.
    • However, many Dominicans operate small independent grocery stores, or bodegas, in Dominican neighborhoods.
    • Handheld cameras follow a smirky, low-key, wisecracking Bobby to his favorite Manhattan butchers, bodegas and farmers' markets as he shops for fresh ingredients.
    • They don't get much more traditional than La Rioja Alta, a bodega whose wines are some of my all-time favourites.
    • Hardest hit were the tens of thousands of restaurants, supermarkets and bodegas around the city.
    • At night the surrounding streets come alive with shops, artisan markets, traditional bodegas and lively restaurants.
    • The city can be stifling in August, but there are cool bodegas and shaded inexpensive restaurants in the cathedral area.
    • From Wall Street firms to Broadway theaters to tiny corner bodegas, all likely will pay a hefty economic toll in lost revenues if the city is ground to a halt, experts predicted.
    • They also recycle the money immediately back into the poor community's economy of supermarkets and bodegas.
    • Indian stores sit side by side Filipino stores and bodegas in Jersey City.
    • I don't mind going to the bodega on the corner to buy a Snickers looking like this, but I can't face my adoring public on the subways and streets of NYC looking like an unshaven maniac.
    • Steve is this big, rough-edged, very old-school-Brooklyn guy who is part owner in the corner bodega nearest my house.
    • Though my Brooklyn neighborhood has much to offer, butchered hog is sadly unavailable at the corner bodega.
    • When one followed me near my own block, I ducked into a bodega for a bottle of water.
    • Sugar, flour, and rice are often bought illegally from people who work at the bodega, the government outlet for the distribution of food rations.
    • These include hotels, casinos, car dealers, jewelry stores, real estate offices, insurance agents, lawyers, bodegas, kiosks in a mall where you would buy a magazine or where you would wire money, and the post office.
    • Maybe I'll buy some food supplies at a friendly neighborhood bodega while I'm at it.