Translation of bodily in Spanish:


corporal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑdəli/ /ˈbɒdɪli/


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    (secretion) corporal
    (secretion) del cuerpo
    bodily functions funciones fisiológicas
    • What is physical discomfort but the persistence of some body part or bodily function in distracting the attention of the mind?
    • Gradually, his body was forgetting basic bodily functions.
    • Pitta governs bodily functions concerned with heat and metabolism, and directs all biochemical reactions and the process of energy exchange.
    • The body stops maintaining bodily functions and begins to decay on the spot.
    • Joking and speaking about bodies and bodily functions in the presence of such cousins is considered a serious faux pas.
    • This does not conflict with the Sikh's aim to move beyond bodily concerns; since the body is one's vehicle for enlightenment one should care for it appropriately.
    • Although we share many instincts and bodily functions with animals, our ancient sages and philosophers just could not comprehend the source of the great gap between human and animal minds.
    • When your thyroid stops working properly and doesn't produce enough hormones, chemical reactions all over your body go out of kilter and many bodily functions simply slow down.
    • The disease ravaged his frail body, leaving him unable to speak or control bodily functions in his final days.
    • Among the things that we share in common with animals are certain characteristic bodily functions.
    • As mentioned earlier, tapeworm proglottids exit the body along with bodily wastes to search for a new host in which to proliferate.
    • The punishment of the body was compensated by bodily freedom in hurling stones.
    • Other monitors may be used to keep track of your heart rate, circulation, blood pressure, temperature, body fluid balance and other bodily functions.
    • Four important bodily functions are provided by the muscles of our bodies.
    • It is concerned with the automatic control of bodily function.
    • It plays a vital role in regulating many bodily functions and is contained in body fluids, which transport oxygen and nutrients.
    • There is kinesthetic awareness of one's body and bodily movement in one's conscious action of picking up the spade.
    • Human beings have or are bodies and engage in bodily activities such as walking, talking, sleeping, writing, etc.
    • The fact remains that for many people, the church has seemed to disapprove of the body and bodily life in general.
    • There is a specific regime for retention and release of body parts and bodily samples, and that is good.


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    the crowd moved bodily toward the exit el público se dirigió en masa hacia la salida
    • they dragged him bodily into the car lo agarraron y lo metieron en el coche a la fuerza
    • they lifted him bodily out of the way lo levantaron en peso y lo quitaron de en medio
    • When something dark and chitinous scuttled out from the scrub, Darius was forced to bodily haul him out of its way.
    • With the boy protesting all the way, they bodily hauled him out of the cell.
    • Then, with a mischievous grin, he glanced first at the closed door and then at her before reaching over, placing a hand on either side of her waist, and hauling her bodily out of the bed.
    • But it did the trick, as she was hauled up bodily to a more stable position.
    • The fourth time she broke the surface she fetched up sharp against something, and was hauled bodily out of the stream.
    • Kompuu was bodily forced into a chair by a large sink.
    • I heard footsteps running up from behind me but before I could turn on my own I was being bodily forced to turn by the very strong hands of David.
    • One is innocent of sin only when forced bodily or under threat of death to do a specific act, and only when the sin itself is the source of danger.
    • Tilkin tried to move but Bromm bodily forced him to the ground on his knees.
    • Suddenly, with a force propelled by sheer insanity, Charles lifted him bodily and pushed him over the railings.
    • Five days ago, they were borne up the creek that leads out to sea, borne up like some all-conquering champion sportsman might be borne, and flung bodily at the bridge.
    • She squealed then grabbed me and pushed me bodily into the ante-room where the choir were waiting.
    • The door opened and Clarence was bodily dragged into the hallway of Mavanwy's flat.
    • He was so spifflicated before they let him up that they had to lift him bodily and plant him in a seat.
    • She missed the mischievous glint that came into his eyes, and so it took her completely by surprise when she was picked up bodily and flung into the water by a very familiar pair of strong arms.
    • O'Grady opened the door and threw Carl bodily out into the night where he staggered a few paces before falling headfirst into a patch of mud.
    • Mrs Cunningham practically screamed as she threw herself at her grandson, her arms flailing as she pinned him bodily to the bed.
    • The troopers carried him bodily from the room, through the curtain.
    • He barely had a moment to swear before he was lifted bodily from the ground and turned to face the murderer.
    • She threw me almost bodily into the bars on the other side of the cell this time.