Translation of body in Spanish:


cuerpo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑdi/ /ˈbɒdi/

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nounplural bodies

  • 1

    • 1.1(of human, animal)

      cuerpo masculine
      body size estatura
      • body temperature temperatura
      • body type tipo somático
      • body weight peso
      • This network has been borrowed many times in the course of evolution to build new structures in animal bodies.
      • While human bodies have skeletons of bones, our cells have a framework made of a filamentous network.
      • Most of us have been taught to think of our body as a physical structure, isolated from everything else.
      • The only reason dragons could kill these creatures was because they do have physical bodies, and that body can be slain.
      • Bourgeois reforms differentiated human bodies from animal bodies and animal pleasures.
      • We're basically conditioning our physical bodies to run with our spirits when we cast away the mundane and fly into the world of ritual.
      • The shape of our bodies and their organs, our hormones and the brain centers that control them, determine our sex.
      • Forensic anthropology is primarily concerned with identifying bodies through examining their bones and any flesh that remains.
      • Relief workers say there is a high danger of epidemics because many bodies and rotting animal carcasses have not yet been disposed of.
      • They are organs without bodies, rather than bodies without organs.
      • It most often affects the brain and liver, but it can hurt all organs of the body.
      • Loss of libido may be caused by physical changes to your body as a result of cancer treatment.
      • This type of lung cancer grows more quickly and is more likely to spread to other organs in the body.
      • The western medical model tells us that the body consists of organ and hormonal systems.
      • Guidelines from the Royal College of Pathologists allow mortuary technicians to dissect bodies and remove organs in the absence of the pathologist.
      • The more evolved and healthy the human body is, the greater the number of crystalline structures found throughout the physical and subtle bodies.
      • Their physical bodies and ethical convictions were put to the test on a daily basis.
      • It can also occur as a normal response to a low body temperature caused by exposure to the cold.
      • The dry period is an important opportunity for the animal to recharge her body reserves prior to calving.
      • Elena is unique among humans, not merely because of her wings, but because of her body structure.

    • 1.2(trunk)

      cuerpo masculine
      • Occasionally heads sit oddly on their bodies, and swollen limbs meet their trunks awkwardly.
      • Secondary infection may occur as a result of bites being scratched, although bites may also become infected by the bacteria carried on the bodies or limbs of the lice or in their faeces.
      • Hundreds of limbs protruded from its body and two large black wings were folded on its back.
      • This almost always involves shooting the offender in the trunk of the body!
      • Her arms suddenly locked his limbs to her body, and she pointed a gun straight at his temple.
      • She had to hold her body still while her limbs snapped around her as if they were made of string.
      • A pregnant woman needs exercise to keep her body and limbs supple and agile to ensure easy labour.
      • His body and limbs were made of tree branches, his head was made of a large fir-cone and he had hair made out of leaves.
      • Symptoms range from slowness of movement, stiffness of the body and limbs, and tremors.
      • In order to make her man happy, the mermaid has false limbs attached to her body which render her unable to swim.
      • This group developed elongated bodies and reduced limbs as an adaptation to a completely aquatic existence.
      • The normally calm, sleepy pool at Dalry was a mass of thrashing flippers, heaving bodies and random limbs.
      • Small rodents with cylindrical bodies and short limbs, adapted for burrow-living.
      • Soon, we were all laughing until we collapsed on the sun warmed wood of the old dock, limbs and bodies piled haphazardly on each other.
      • The three continued to entangle themselves, and at times appeared literally as a pile of limbs and bodies constantly churning.
      • He recalls how his body ached, his limbs went limp and he was too weak to walk.
      • The entire body and limbs were covered with a thick fine hair or wool curling tightly to the skin.
      • There were bodies that were broken and burnt; bodies with missing limbs.
      • This does not mean that they put their arms on the floor, but rather they should be kept close to their main bodies.

    • 1.3(corpse)

      cadáver masculine
      a dead body un cadáver
      • I realized today that, all week, I've been referring to the dead I've seen as bodies and corpses.
      • Then for the next 8 hours during the second stage I evacuated corpses or dead bodies.
      • You know, the case is more complicated than her body washing up a mile from his boat.
      • Steph recounted the sadness of having to tell the wife and daughter of a Sri Lankan hotelier that his dead body had been washed up.
      • Last March, near the south coast of England town of Eastbourne, a body washed ashore.
      • Her body washed up on a beach 20 miles away from Nazare last Saturday and a funeral was held last Wednesday.
      • They didn't arrest Scott until April 18, when the bodies washed up in the bay.
      • I think that was the case the moment the bodies washed up in the San Francisco Bay.
      • After more than a week, two bodies were washed up on the shore.
      • There are still tens of thousands missing, their bodies presumed to be washed out to sea.
      • Silverdale, where some of the bodies washed ashore, is a beautiful spot.
      • Rhea untangled herself from the arms of the headless body and pushed the corpse aside.
      • He wraps her in a sheet like a corpse and carries her body to the abandoned abbey near the manor.
      • They ran over the dead grass, now strewn with dead bodies and corpses.
      • Behind him, she hopped from corpse to corpse, looting the bodies.
      • One of the bodies washed on to the shore was that of Arthur Ball.
      • He emphasizes that their dead bodies, their corpses, will fall in the wilderness.
      • The pair were drowned, their bodies found washed up on the shore near Viareggio on August 14th 1822.
      • Rescuers on naval boats were searching for bodies that were washed away from the scene of accident, Reddy said.
      • The blood from the dead vampires had been washed away and the bodies were no where to be seen.

  • 2

    • 2.1(main part)

      (of plane) fuselaje masculine
      (of ship) casco masculine
      (of hall) nave feminine
      (of stringed instrument) caja feminine
      • I saw a portion of the engine and the wing separate from the main body of the aircraft.
      • They loaded the bodies on to military aircraft to take home to their families.
      • However, within the Faraday cage of a Peugeot 307 car body, it doesn't perform.
      • It looked prehistoric, with its long nose and tail section and armour-plated body.
      • It was then alleged that there was a brief dispute there with a group of four other workers and a foreman, who were handling the car bodies and were about to finish the setup work.
      • One car has a little bit different style body than the other car.
      • Taking up so much of the roof area, it has to stay sealed with the glass permanently in place to maintain the car's body rigidity.
      • The designs in question were designs for spare parts for cars, including body panels.
      • The caravan was extensively damaged by the collision with the main body separated from the axle.
      • Plenty of them are either next door to the landlord or, indeed, within the body of the main house itself.
      • Curiously, there is no attempt to integrate these points into the main body of the text.
      • Does the main body of text immediately follow the title, or does it begin on the next page?
      • The board apologised for the error, but added the instructions were correct further on in the main body of the text.
      • As indicated in the main body of the text Schedule 4 of the Competition Act 1998 is to be repealed.
      • But you can't tackle that without bringing people into the body of the main culture.
      • If it is possible to include the appropriate text in the body of the e-mail message itself, great.
      • This requirement has been withdrawn from the final report, although it remains within the body of the text.
      • In many cases more detailed descriptions are to be found in the body of the text.
      • An online version of the print article may include only the text from the body of the article.
      • Headings in bold type naturally lead the eye to the photo captions contained within the body of the text.
      • The Scotch Blue bottle has a slender neck and a cylindrical main body, as has Ballantine's.
      • This is followed by the plaiting of the 12 strand main body of the outside surface of the whip.
      • Mr Miles was able to turn the clock body and the main column but then had to fashion the square base, carve four lion heads to go on the base and a crown to go on the top.
      • The main body of the house was two storeys high, with a central tower adding a third level.
      • The bad weather and choppy waves meant the ice was breaking up; the piece of ice they were on had broken away from the main body.
      • Most fossil crinoids have the main visceral body raised above the sea floor by a stem, also called a stalk or column.
      • The main body of the house had been gutted, but the pavilions remained intact.
      • The main body is made from silk and then the mosquito nets are pleated and ruched over the top.
      • Indexing flats on the tailcap and main body of the light make this easy to do, even in darkness.

    • 2.2Motor Vehicles

      carrocería feminine

    • 2.3(majority, bulk)

      the body of sth el grueso de algo

  • 3

    • 3.1(organization)

      organismo masculine
      • The Sporting Trust is an independent body that organises sporting functions to raise money for cancer.
      • The state has to realise the corporate bodies cannot function like charitable organisations.
      • He holds positions in five public bodies and organisations, and owns a flat in Sha Tin held under his wife's name.
      • Disputes arise from time to time between state education authorities and religious bodies because of the desire of the latter to have their own schools within the state system.
      • Most medical bodies apart from the BMA are underresourced and naive when it comes to public relations.
      • Public bodies, apart from the council, which support them do so on the basis they will continue as community groups.
      • Hcuk is the main representative body uniting over half a million Hindus in the UK.
      • Once upon a time you could negotiate but now it seems some sort of ruling body covers all the cars at Don Muang.
      • The decision to support it has not been taken by any of the collective bodies of the Russian Academy of Science.
      • Affinity groups form the basic decision-making bodies of mass actions.
      • With sovereignty diffused from the king's body out into the multiple bodies of the nation, the old codes of readability broke down and new ones had to be elaborated.
      • And I even think that it is only from a body of good followers that good leaders are likely to arise.
      • No body of MPs is likely to vote against the view of the British electorate, even assuming it had the theoretical power to do so.
      • The principal bodies will be examined in Chapter 5, with a particular focus on the main treaty-monitoring bodies.
      • We have inducted fresh faces, critics among them, into UMNO's main bodies, including the governing supreme council.
      • Meanwhile, the two main farm bodies are to meet with the banks and finance companies to discuss the impact of the severe weather on farmers.
      • The country's two main farming bodies are involved in a race to provide cheaper phone calls to their members.
      • Maddy Jago is Chief Officer of the New Forest Committee, an umbrella organisation representing all the main bodies that care for the forest.
      • Some form of hybrid body that was distinct from both central and local government seemed to offer an ideal solution.
      • A major distinguishing characteristic of advisory bodies is their independence.

    • 3.2(unit)

      we must act together as a body tenemos que actuar unidos
      • they're a fine body of men forman un magnífico equipo
      • the body politic el cuerpo político

    • 3.3(collection)

      a body of evidence un conjunto de pruebas
      • a body of law un cuerpo legal / de leyes
      • a growing body of opinion supports this view una creciente corriente de opinión apoya este punto de vista

    • 3.4(mass)

      masa feminine
      a body of water una masa de agua
      • There are some which have a general and almost constant operation upon the collective bodies of society.
      • The collection of such large bodies of data limits the social and biological variables that can be recorded.
      • A vast body of evidence from previously unavailable sources has been collected.
      • Legal codes are huge bodies of code on which very little garbage collection has been performed.
      • It is the corporate media who has and continues to influence and control the minds of the mass body of people in the United States.
      • The Troumassee river once existed as a significant body of water with an abundance of aquatic life.
      • Different bodies of water have different amounts of salt mixed in, or different salinities.
      • We will face the shadow side of American power by examining the growing body of evidence for cover-up and complicity.
      • Anyway if you regard the body of work on the album ignoring the College Dropout theme this album is way ahead of the pack.
      • His lengthy introduction is an ominous, unworthy and unrepresentative opening to an impressive body of work.
      • However, a healthy body of evidence would appear to contradict my assertion.
      • It's hard to believe that someone with such an extensive body of work is only just now putting out his first album.
      • With Horace the body of criticism is a veritable totem pole whose foundation goes back to ancient times.
      • These are examples of a growing body of research that suggests humans have an affinity towards nature.
      • Finally, there is a five-metre body of water that I'll inelegantly call a flop pool.
      • It's clear that it would a strategic body of water to block, but why is it apparently so easy to do it?
      • If such a body of belief exists, I would totally reject it, as would all of my friends.
      • So while you want someone who will compile a comprehensive body of work, you do not want that person to overdo it.
      • I admit I respect his body of work but every now and then I'll send him an e-mail just to wind him up.
      • I've heard very few that are actually as compelling as the artist's main body of work.

  • 4

    cuerpo masculine
    a body in motion un cuerpo en movimiento
    • Apples fall to the ground; so do material objects and unsupported bodies.
    • At this point Aristotle observes that substances - material bodies - are in a sense composite.
    • One contains constrained bodies that fall slowly, the other pendulums that repeat their motions again and again.
    • The laws predict the mutual force between all bodies of mass, but they cannot explain that force.
    • OK, the earth and Venus, they're roughly an earth mass, so there's clearly a distribution of bodies of different masses.
  • 5

    (of wine, fabric) cuerpo masculine
    (of hair) volumen masculine
    (of hair) cuerpo masculine
    • The wine itself is rather fuller in body and more alcoholic than Chianti, reflecting its warmer production zone.
    • But it's the structure and body of this wine that really make it stand out.
    • They describe the teas in terms of light, medium, and full body as well as in terms of taste.
    • It proved an excellent choice; full of intense flavours with a rich, warm body.
    • Light in colour and light in body, it is a really approachable wine.
    • I prefer to choose my wine pairing not on colour but on texture and body.
    • Hallmarks of quality are fullness of body, balance of acidity, and persistence of flavour.
    • It will also remove a great deal of the fullness and the body from the hair giving it a sleeker look.
  • 6 informal, dated

    tipo masculine informal
    tipa feminine informal
    he's a funny old body un bicho raro informal
    • There were two main bodies interested, one a builder from Castlebar, the other in the same trade from Westport.
  • 7

    (body stocking)
    body masculine