Translation of body blow in Spanish:

body blow

golpe duro, n.


  • 1

    golpe duro masculine
    revés masculine
    body blow to sth golpe duro para algo
    revés para algo
    • At the time what I relished even more was the implicit invitation to return body blow for body blow.
    • The fragile tops of them were knocked down by the body blow from the creature, sending them crashing to the ground.
    • He brought his hands up as an instinctive reaction, just in time for her to deliver a left body blow that took him right off his feet and flying back into the corridor wall.
    • These are not people living lives of quiet desperation; these are loudmouthed drunks and stupefying dense losers who bellyache better than they can hold their liquor or take a body blow.
    • In the 6th, at 2: 05, Referee Richard Steele stopped the bout after Mitchell went down from a body blow that didn't appear devastating.
    • In one amazing, weirdly off-center shot, a boxer doubling up from a body blow appears to be ascending into the surrounding void.
    • Troubled train company Arriva was dealt a body blow yesterday, when it was rejected as the operator of its flagship trans-Pennine service.