Translation of body language in Spanish:

body language

lenguaje corporal, n.


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    lenguaje corporal masculine
    • I became more conscious of my body language and my level of physical contact.
    • Every dance has it own body language and includes movements that may be richly comic when we analyze them.
    • They read body language and eye movements so that they know when they're saying things.
    • His words speak of confidence and success while his body language indicates nervousness and discomfort.
    • He will become a master of your body language and facial expressions in no time at all.
    • Elbow to elbow the fans look for body language that signals a horse is ready to rumble.
    • Imagine not being able to interpret the facial expressions and body language the rest of us take for granted.
    • The artist pays close attention to the facial expression and body language of men.
    • You could argue that interpreting body language involves unconsciously reading auras.
    • Wiggins's facial and body language smacks of the gawky teenager in Dazed And Confused.
    • Yet once mastered, we can all use body language to get the message across in exactly the way we want.
    • When you watch their movements in training, their body language will tell you things.
    • I use a lot of body language to express my feelings and affection when I'm with friends in person.
    • Let others know from your body language that you welcome their communication with you.
    • A good first step to becoming more assertive is to consider your own body language through role play.
    • I find mentalism, hypnotism and the study of body language very intriguing.
    • This is something I am going to address with reference to feminist psychology on power and body language.
    • Now I'm no psychiatrist but I do have a good understanding of psychology and body language.
    • The distinctive ear tufts are a tool for sending signals to other lynx by body language.
    • And there are definitely certain types of body language that will attract all sorts of attention.