Translation of body search in Spanish:

body search

cacheo, n.


  • 1

    cacheo masculine
    • The line to get into the rally stretched for hundreds of yards as unionists, environmental activists, and fair trade advocates moved at a snail's pace through two lines of police officers, a bag search, and a body search.
    • After a quick body search, the police put 11 of us in a bullpen.
    • In the chamber, they were lined up against a wall and a body search was conducted and the binds on their feet were removed.
    • Clearly going through someone's pockets or handbag is less of an affront than a body search.
    • Currently, teachers cannot carry out a body search or check bags or lockers.
    • If a dog indicates to its handler that it can smell an illicit substance, the officer can order an on-the-spot body search.
    • We must wait our turn outside before we disgorge identification and the contents of our pockets, remove our shoes, walk through the metal detectors, and raise our arms high for a full body search.
    • Not only are workers scanned with metal detectors, but they are also subjected to a full body search by security guards at the end of each shift.
    • An inspection of the rented car and a body search turned up a small amount of gold, four mobile phones and 10,000 baht in cash.
    • Those who enter must first pass through fortified barriers and metal detectors, then submit to a full body search.
    • The machine provides a digital image of a suspect within seconds, eliminating the need for a body search.
    • Please, if you don't mind, you'll have to go through the body search.
    • The body search, unfortunately, did not take place.
    • Security personnel became suspicious of her at the entrance to the border crossing, and found the explosives in her pants during a body search.
    • Now, whenever he leaves his cell he will be subject to a body search.
    • Each person was subjected to a full body search, said Jennifer.
    • During a body search, officers found a .22 caliber pistol and 4 rounds of ammunition.
    • Every person was subjected to a thorough body search with girls being forced, under protest, to reveal the contents of their bags.
    • A full body search is then performed, followed by an airport-style scan.
    • A shop cleaner who was subjected to a humiliating body search by a male supervisor has won a claim for compensation.