Translation of bodybuilding in Spanish:


culturismo, n.


  • 1

    culturismo masculine
    fisiculturismo masculine
    • I watched a friend of mine train for bodybuilding.
    • Instead of their show about the nature of love, they nearly made a musical about bodybuilding.
    • Milk contains whey, the most common form of protein found in bodybuilding supplements.
    • To me, the posing activity of bodybuilding seems very much a parody.
    • I do bodybuilding for myself, to make myself happy.
    • In the majority of traditional bodybuilding exercises, your muscles can lower more poundage than they can raise.
    • Certainly aesthetic decisions about bodybuilding are the very basis around which competitions are framed.
    • Within the bodybuilding world, everybody's got a different ideal of how they want their physique to look.
    • Eventually he went on to compete in national bodybuilding competitions.
    • You won't want to miss this bodybuilding and fitness extravaganza!