Translation of boffin in Spanish:


cerebrito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑfən/ /ˈbɒfɪn/


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    cerebrito masculine, feminine informal
    bocho masculine River Plate informal
    • This time around the authors are not drunken magazine hacks back from a long lunch; they're all eminent scientists, boffins and inventors.
    • It is already in use by more than 50 local authorities across the country, and has been given the thumbs-up by boffins at the Transport Research Laboratory.
    • In groundbreaking research Leeds University boffins discovered that men relax in pubs.
    • In March, boffins at the Transport Research Laboratory in Berkshire found that using a mobile phone while driving was more dangerous than being drunk behind the wheel.
    • Using a highly scientific personality test, the boffins behind this genius idea will match you up with one of six potential mates who will then romance you via email.
    • Few cricket players or administrators are drawn from the ranks of scientific boffins.
    • He has set his sights on featuring in an inventors and boffins special.
    • Did you know that boffin means ‘scientific expert’?
    • Although collectors of real Dylan bootlegs will have been aware of this material for years, this spruced-up authorised version is another technical feat from the Columbia boffins.
    • Now, though, the boffins have seemingly invented a super salmon which is immune to diseases such as ISA and grows six times faster than the rate of normal farmed fish.
    • He went on to suggest future inventions for boffins to work on: the slamless door, the suckless soup spoon and the trickleless tap.
    • Some of the initial results of the 2001 Census certainly startled the mathematical boffins.
    • A boffin has invented a car that runs on grass, or pigeon poo, or privet cuttings.
    • So what is a computer boffin doing teaching a physical education class?
    • The team of boffins used the computer to find the period of a mathematical function, one of the basic maths building blocks of modern cryptography, doing so in the equivalent of a single CPU cycle.
    • The MIT boffins created a physical one-way function by connecting cryptography with mesoscopics, the study of how waves travel in disordered materials.
    • By getting his name on the starring list, John has qualified to join a bizarre game created by computer boffins at Virginia University in the US which links actors through their films.
    • Computer boffins working for a Glasgow architect have produced a CD which lets you explore the location and take a peek into the apartments, before a brick has been laid.
    • Aircraft factories broke production records, and a brand-new air defence system was improvised by a mixture of eccentric boffins and a bright young staff of mostly female technicians.
    • The beach boffins came up with a formula to work out the quality of the grains of sand and its cohesive powers.