Translation of bog-standard in Spanish:


común y corriente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbɑɡˈstændərd/ /bɒɡˈstandəd/


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    común y corriente
    común y silvestre Latin America informal
    de toda la vida
    • Vodka used to come in two basic types: bog-standard, taste-free and British-distilled, and east-European and Scandinavian, which were more flavoursome.
    • The first piece offered for correction, for example, is called War and Consequences, a dull, bog-standard anti-war piece, which really ought to be put in the trash, not edited.
    • It featured a bog-standard list of frozen desserts, of which Gav picked the chocolate bombe to share with Jen and I went for the chocolate cake, all of which came to £7.50.
    • Hence, what starts out as an intriguing premise, and an opportunity for Ryan to spread her wings, quickly runs out of steam amid the usual, bog-standard boxing movie cliches.
    • They set up a trial with bog-standard garden ants.
    • The English version features bog-standard booming demons and echo-treated ghosts.
    • Even with a budget of £2,500, if they go all-inclusive, they run a big risk of finding themselves in a bog-standard resort hotel, eating bland food from the same buffet three times a day.
    • It will grow anywhere and because of this is perhaps ignored as a bog-standard plant of little ornamental value in a modern garden.
    • The shortage of property in the south means that boxy apartments and bog-standard houses in London's squashed suburbs sell for silly money.
    • It's a bog-standard question for an interview, but he looks at me as if I've asked something slightly embarrassing.
    • Although a bog-standard pint is pegged at £2.70, you can pay up to £7.50 (no, that's not a misprint) for a bottle of premium Belgian beer.
    • It is very difficult to predict how much and it is going to feel pretty cold but the wind will be strongest at the coast and here at the moment, it looks like a bog-standard cold spell.
    • Well I've read it and it seems like a bog-standard airport novel thriller.
    • While it might seem like the bog-standard revisionism which currently engages historians, Vinen uses unusual sources to reveal how much we credit with being credible history is tinted by pink glass.
    • So often, new apartment blocks appear to have come straight out of a bog-standard design book - they lack imagination, insight and are as far removed from exciting as a prison camp or toilet block.
    • Is it just your bog-standard murder-mystery?
    • This will be achieved by giving fewer pupils places at the school of their choice and sending them instead to some bog-standard comprehensive ten miles away.
    • Instead you are going to have to learn about the classic bog-standard English Breakfast that we found in a bog-standard English pub in a small West-Country village.
    • It is the wealth of these bog-standard set pieces that actually made me long to hate this book, but I can't.
    • For a long time, the whole area was dismissed as nothing more than a place to grow grapes for bog-standard table wine.