Translation of boiling point in Spanish:

boiling point

punto de ebullición, n.


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    punto de ebullición masculine
    to be at/reach boiling point estar/ponerse al rojo vivo
    • I'm at boiling point estoy a punto de estallar
    • Deliberately leading a herd to a neighbor's land was outrageous, and talking about it brought his anger to the boiling point.
    • His anger was reaching the boiling point, his new-found control quickly vanishing.
    • I was about to see Acorn Antiques the musical and had gone with my friend Mouse who is the only person I know whose excitement levels can reach boiling point.
    • Just watching him made my anger rise to near boiling point.
    • Public anger reached boiling point when, in March 2001, it announced plans to close up to 10 schools.
    • Alicia stared at him, her anger reaching boiling point.
    • Tensions reached a boiling point when Linda stormed out of an ethnographer's meeting.
    • In Chile the crisis reached a boiling point in August.
    • An ownership battle followed, reaching a boiling point earlier this year when he issued eviction notices to the residents without any prior warning.
    • Way back, before I was born, there was a situation that brewed to a boiling point in California and created a very bizarre segment of American history.
    • My frustration with the entire situation has finally reached a boiling point.
    • The good doctor's role seems to be to push Dave to the boiling point, allowing him to vent all the pent-up anger within his repressed soul.
    • Travis read the tidbits of information as anger filled him to the boiling point.
    • Sidney Lumet's film is a thriller in the classic sense and slowly builds tension to boiling point.
    • The group will be entering a country where political tensions threaten to reach boiling point, with looming elections and bitter infighting.
    • The simmering social tensions reached boiling point when two young men were shot and killed after hundreds of workers were involved in a blockade of the city's major roads.
    • The Police this week called off a community meeting before it began, as it appeared that emotions had reached boiling point and could spill over into violence.
    • This move will just add to the pressure, and our collective psyche will reach boiling point.
    • The issue should have been decisively dealt with some time ago, rather than having been allowed to simmer until it reached boiling point, as appears to be the case right now.
    • The sick result of the government's policy is to increase the pressures in such families to boiling point, leading in some cases to violence.