Translation of boisterous in Spanish:


bullicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔɪst(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    (game/laughter) bullicioso
    (game/laughter) escandaloso
    they are very boisterous today hoy están muy bullangueros / bulliciosos
    • He is a boisterous, loud, energetic man, completely at odds with the surroundings.
    • He was noisy and boisterous and Bowyer said he moved away from them because of his behaviour.
    • He was surrounded by noisy and boisterous children as he sat motionless on his throne.
    • In 1756 he transferred across the road to Pembroke College, having found his Peterhouse neighbours boisterous and noisy.
    • It had become boisterous and quite noisy so the Tavern owner had devised a way to get all the customers off each others' throats.
    • The masks are often grotesque, humorous or satirical and the dances can be noisy and boisterous.
    • The defensive players were boisterous and energetic and were taking it to the offense.
    • Jack, an affectionate, boisterous lad, lives in another world.
    • This might keep them out of the cinema where their boisterous behaviour has put people off going there.
    • The American girls were great - loud and boisterous, and all good fun.
    • Fortunately the giggles from the Thai ladies and boisterous laughs from the lads who were nearby painted a different picture.
    • She can understand their boisterous behaviour.
    • Nicola turned around and saw the boisterous girl who had sat next to her.
    • The crowd slumbered and even the usually boisterous Carib Beer girls gave up trying to get the spectators enthused.
    • Benjamin is a small blond with a boisterous spirit and a marked tendency toward speaking her mind.
    • She also looks after her granddaughter, Abby, who is three years old, loud, boisterous and basically a handful.
    • He is boisterous and lively like any other little boy his age.
    • He's very boisterous and loud normally, but he becomes just the opposite.
    • Their culture says it is OK to be boisterous, to be loud and speak your mind.
    • We weren't drunk, but decided to be loud and boisterous, living behind our facades.
  • 2literary

    (wind) tempestuoso
    (sea) embravecido literary
    (sea) enfurecido literary
    • On the other side of the railway stood the cemetery on a gradual rise looking out to the boisterous Tasman Sea.
    • Her entire crew of sixteen men, after several hours in open boats on a boisterous sea, succeeded in getting ashore.
    • It pattered hard against the seaward windows of the hotel and swept into the horde of steam launches that buffeted with the rather boisterous sea.
    • Passing the stone outcropping, a solitary monolith holding sway against the boisterous sea, a pod of dolphins cavorted on the waves, adding their own sonorous clicks and whistles to the voices of the airborne choir.