Translation of bold in Spanish:


audaz, adj.

Pronunciation /boʊld/ /bəʊld/

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adjective bolder, boldest

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    (person/plan/design) audaz
    (person/plan/design) atrevido
    • Andreu, one of the world's leading experts in airport design, has been praised for the exceptional engineering which allows his bold ideas to come to life.
    • To say it is a bold idea is not to say that it's new.
    • His job has been to head a congregation whose assignment is not to generate new and bold ideas, but to preserve the integrity of the tradition of the church.
    • I have the experience and I have the bold ideas that I think people can get really excited about in this campaign.
    • Anything lowering their chances of being spotted by Liches sounded like a good idea, so the tension at Raven's bold suggestion quickly subsided.
    • Judge Jones was a bankruptcy lawyer and an authority on business law, but has perhaps received more attention for her bold opinions on social issues and criminal law.
    • But Brian, I'd like you to consider a bold suggestion.
    • All the bold opinions have been stated and restated for years.
    • While Nicky watched and marvelled, his father Paul, rating Rio the finest place he has been, was struck by the bold attitudes towards poverty.
    • The customers' bold suggestion was to launch a restaurant of their own, but Huang was still quite cautious about it.
    • It is in that light that the bold suggestion is made for a Caribbean Banking Consortium.
    • It's a bold concept, but one that's smartly conveyed by its paintings and hypnotic jingle.
    • Without them and their bold thoughts Keighley would not be what it is today.
    • Because of his bold recommendations to higher headquarters, he was assigned to build up defensive units.
    • Kamenskii stakes out a series of bold interpretations in this study, ably translated and edited by David Griffiths.
    • Plato had made the bold suggestion that there might be a single axiom system to embrace all knowledge.
    • Yet because we yearn to be seen as bold, brave and courageous, we'll take stupid risks to prove our worth.
    • The others, who had gathered to discuss the problem, gasped in shock at such a bold suggestion.
    • In its first national advertising campaign, Infinite Spirits took a bold risk.
    • Most were young, hardy, physically fit, courageous, fearless, bold, endowed with fortitude and endurance, and ever ready for a fight.
    • Utzon's interior design was characterised by bold colours and fantastic shapes.
    • There is less intricacy of detail, and the bold lines and strong colours relate them to North Indian folk art.
    • They are like cartoons, with their bold lines, bright colours and flat shapes.
    • She uses bright colours in bold designs to convey an impression of viewing the basic, unadulterated image.
    • They are bold shapes; strong blocks of colour defined by thick black lines and veiled with subtle, intricate patterns of feathers, scales and seashells.
    • The combination of the shapes and bold colours creates a stimulating image.
    • The Romans called them the ‘painted people’, and the Celtic love of colour is obvious in the bold designs on their floors and walls.
    • With new paints, dyes and synthetic fabrics, bright bold colour was avidly adopted in all aspects of design.
    • Young readers will love the bright, bold designs and the luscious colours.
    • He has composed a series of townships scenes in flat planes of bright and bold colours that clamour for attention.
    • Using a brush and a matchstick to paint his decoys, Bergman achieved a unique balance between vivid colors, bold lines, and scratch painting.
    • In Spain he created abstract work featuring vivid colors and bold lines.
    • Just make sure the colors you choose fit with the bold hues of your design.
    • The end product is a strong, vibrant painting in bold colours with a wealth of detail capturing the jumble of roofs and chimneys.
    • The switches are large and solid, and the bold shapes and contours give the impression of utility without ever approaching the austere.
    • They're also attracted to bright, bold colours and sharp outlines, and any sudden movement may attract their gaze.
    • His symbolism is strong and his colours are bold.
    • His designs were bold and sexy, with bright red dominating transparent and undulating fabrics.
    • Bright colours and clear bold graphics make the menu practical and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Facing west is a bold design of a fourfold leaf with a tiny, barely noticeable face in the centre.
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    (impudent, forward)
    (smile/advances) descarado
    (smile/advances) atrevido
    to make bold with sth usar algo como si fuera propio
    • No man's Mercedes is safe; the thieves are so bold they'll make off with your vintage automobile with a forklift.
    • With a shrug, Lenore plopped down on the tiny chair of her table, crossing her legs in a bold manner.
    • I believe that such feelings will not be considered bold presumption but an act of love.
    • Whatever bold words she wished to say to her would have to remain behind a careful mouth.
    • Raven doubted that any woman had ever been this bold with him before.
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    (pattern) llamativo
    (red/colors) fuerte
    (red/colors) vivo
    (brushstrokes/handwriting) enérgico
    (brushstrokes/handwriting) vigoroso
    a figure in bold relief una figura en un relieve muy marcado
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    bold type negrita
    • As if to emphasise the point, the report prints the comment in bold type.
    • I'd like the following printed on all scorecards in bold type.
    • Paragraph 3 has a footnote at the end in bold type.
    • On the list of active chatters, a certain name in bold type sat above everyone else.
    • The sites associated with the separation between Ethiopia and Europe are also given in bold type.
    • Such themes are all clearly presented in the body of the commentary and helpfully emphasised in bold type.
    • Subheadings within chapters are in bold type for easy chapter outlining.
    • It's not often that an author is prompted to make a statement in bold type to correct what he sees as a gross misunderstanding.
    • The differences from the previously reported sequences are in bold type
    • Parameters to which the model is sensitive are in bold type.
    • It's important to stress the words in bold type.
    • Significant differences are shown in bold type.
    • I emphasize the translated word in question in bold type.
    • Key words and concepts in these lessons are in bold type.
    • It's his name in bold type above the film's title and his beatific image on the poster.
    • I noted at the time that each pen was emblazoned in bold type with the word WASHABLE.
    • Only what is in bold type above was quoted in the evidence to the Court.
    • Kelman reproduces it, with the cut portions in bold type, emphasising only what a good job was made of editing it.
    • Predictions of exceptionally high tides are given in bold type.
    • The final paragraph of the letter, printed in bold type, made it very clear what would happen if they didn't accept.


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    negrita feminine