Translation of boldly in Spanish:


con audacia, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈboʊldli/ /ˈbəʊldli/


  • 1

    con audacia
    con atrevimiento
    • With its frontal perspective, the monumental wave confronts the viewer dead-on, boldly asserting its pure, natural energy.
    • A girl stands on a pink marble slab, her shoulders swung boldly back.
    • In the postwar years, he built on the social promise of the health center and moved boldly into the field of housing.
    • Each year in the last week of February, he would muster his followers and boldly cross the 40 miles of open water that lies between Toronto and Niagara.
    • When they go boldly into the wilderness, they ought to carry in their backpacks Thoreau, London, and Tolstoy.
    • In those and other works, he boldly challenged the music world's status quo, and his challenge has resonated through the ensuing decades.
    • As science strode boldly into one arena of knowledge after another, it discredited claims to the infallibility of revelation.
    • Many philosophers will boldly tell us that we have strayed well beyond the limits of meaningful discourse.
    • The working class had seized the initiative in 1917 and had boldly conquered political power.
    • He boldly broke all fetters that hindered his liberty in preaching and in teaching.
  • 2

    con descaro
    con atrevimiento
  • 3

    boldly colored clothes ropa de colores llamativos
    • a boldly drawn portrait un retrato de trazos vigorosos