Translation of Bollywood in Spanish:


Bollywood, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑliˌwʊd/ /ˈbɒlɪwʊd/


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    (la industria cinemática india de la ciudad de Bombay (antiguo nombre de Mumbai)) Bollywood
    • With his brilliant performance, he may find a permanent base in Bollywood after this film.
    • Did you dub it in Hindi with an intention of getting into blockbuster films in Bollywood?
    • The reason Bollywood films have such universal appeal is because they're squeaky-clean.
    • To the uninitiated, the last thing you can expect to find in a Bollywood film is subtlety.
    • The film society has wanted to show a Bollywood film for a long time and this one is exceptional.
    • However, she says it is not just western society that is opening up to the idea Bollywood films.
    • Dalip is most proud of working for a year in Bombay Dreams, but is a Bollywood superstar in India.
    • This time its moved to India, LA and London with a contemporary setting and a Bollywood gloss.
    • If you've ever wanted to watch a Bollywood movie, but weren't keen on the weddings, this is the one for you.
    • Hollywood once again meets Bollywood in this new farce by the director of Party Girl.
    • In the heat of the Indian sun, she fantasises that she's in a Bollywood feature.
    • Despite the 900 films produced annually by Bollywood few, if any of these have ever made it in America.
    • First he found solace in Bollywood, but his film Anarth bombed at the box office.
    • The move is going to open the floodgates for showing Bollywood films in Pakistan.
    • She is currently planning to show children's films on Saturdays and Bollywood films on Sundays.
    • There must be something seriously wrong with Bollywood if films like these get awards.
    • The dancers actually swayed to the tunes of the latest film songs from Bollywood.
    • Here, staged sequences from Bollywood films are presented to terrific effect.
    • However, this remake promises to be quite different from the usual Bollywood style.
    • The native film crew that came from Bollywood to help with the film felt differently.