There are 2 main translations of bologna in Spanish

: bologna1Bologna2


Pronunciation /bəˈloʊni/ /bəˈlɒnjə/ /bəˈləʊnjə/


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    tipo de salchicha ahumada
    • These include sausage, bologna, salami and hot dogs.
    • In other words, opt for roast turkey, beef and ham over heavily processed, high-fat, high-calorie meats like salami and bologna.
    • Limit intake of salty, processed, or smoked meats and fish, such as bologna, ham, sausage, lunch meats, anchovies, caviar, or smoked salmon.
    • That's when hunters from Maine to the Carolinas make the pilgrimage to the store to have their kill turned into ham, sausage, and bologna.
    • Julian shook himself mentally and gratefully took the sandwich, salami and bologna with a little bit of mustard, and chips.
    • When we read ‘meat meal’ on pet food labels we might assume that it's similar to ingredients found in bologna, hot dogs or sausage.
    • When we want her to look really excited we'll put another dog with her so there's competition for the bologna.
    • My step-father will get tired of sharing his bologna and convince my mother to throw us out into the street.
    • She lifted the white bread off of her sandwich and looked at the bologna and the slice of American cheese.
    • The hot dog was skinny and tasted like warm bologna.
    • It consisted of a slab of bologna smeared with Hellman's mayonnaise, rolled into a thin cigar shape, and eaten out of hand.
    • She throws the bologna at me, sending the package flying several inches past my left ear.
    • I don't like bologna or hot dogs, but I seriously doubt I'd have to worry about that here.
    • All the kids would sneak back into the kitchen after the adults were asleep and make crazy sandwiches like peanut butter and bologna.
    • I may know that a person will choose steak over bologna though I in no way influenced their choice.
    • For most people, that's about two ounces of lunch meats, or two slices of ordinary bologna.
    • Absentmindedly rolling a piece of bologna into a tube before biting into it, I hoped dejectedly that that wasn't what my dealing with Andrew was coming to.
    • Residents have complained that the coyotes are getting too close for comfort, possibly attracted by a few neighbors setting out bologna to feed the animals.
    • Peter was busily mixing bologna and Fritos in his sandwich when he scanned the area, finally raising his eyebrows and shaking his head at something behind me.
    • Before I leave his house today I'm using every single slice of bologna in the refrigerator to draw a gigantic round smiley face on his clean sheets.

There are 2 main translations of Bologna in Spanish

: bologna1Bologna2


Bolonia, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈloʊnjə/ /bəˈlɒnjə/ /bəˈləʊnjə/


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    Bolonia feminine