Translation of bolster in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈboʊlstər/ /ˈbəʊlstə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to bolster (up) reforzar
    • If stress becomes apparent to the coach, he should attempt to bolster confidence with moral support.
    • While working to bolster this great strength, she also took its perceived weaknesses in hand.
    • To bolster their market strength today, producers must have the ability to do more than negotiate with the local canner or grocery store.
    • For a nation that prides itself on giving generous donations to bolster up a welfare service that ought to be the primary care of government, this kind of treatment is deplorable.
    • Numerous products claim to bolster strength or endurance in sports.
    • The potion did much to bolster her strength, but her lungs were soon burning, and her heart felt as though it would burst.
    • Any and every incident was seized upon to bolster police powers and strengthen the state apparatus.
    • In this connection it is necessary to remind oneself that people do give untruthful evidence for other reasons, including for example, an attempt to bolster up the truth.
    • They took high premiums to bolster up the funds.
    • It is so easy to go out and play when you are relaxed and when you have a manager who bolsters your confidence like that.
    • The object is a personal digital assistant capable of supporting field commanders and bolstering their memories.
    • The ‘slammers’ advocate bold and decisive action: a cut that will bolster markets and business confidence.
    • It doesn't do much to bolster confidence in them.
    • I hoped even the smallest success would bolster my confidence.
    • Subsidised destruction is, arguably, the most successful way not just to restore consumer confidence, but to bolster the market.
    • In addition to improving prairie health, this would bolster tourism by providing a connection to prairie-region natural history and cultural heritage.
    • These relationships can also bolster trial enrollment by providing better access to both the targeted patients and the referring physicians for the study.
    • Therefore, it was imperative Dutch traders find new and lucrative markets to bolster their economy and provide the funds needed to continue the war against Spain.
    • This in turn provides social stability to bolster food production and distribution.
    • Retailers rely heavily upon the period to bolster their annual sales and profits.


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    (almohada de forma cilíndrica) cabezal masculine