Translation of bolus in Spanish:


bolo alimenticio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈboʊləs/ /ˈbəʊləs/

nounplural boluses

  • 1

    bolo alimenticio masculine
    • After passing the pharynx during swallowing, the food bolus enters the esophagus, which is positioned at approximately the level of the sixth cervical vertebra.
    • On Midway Island in the Hawaiian chain, a bolus, or mass of chewed food, coughed up by one bird included many identifiable objects.
    • Successively, ingestion, food transport to the processing teeth, chewing and bolus formation, and swallowing can be recognized.
    • Patients may succeed in passing the food bolus by repeated swallowing, by performing the Valsalva maneuver or by making a positional change.
    • It's a little too raw and undigested at the moment: a massive bolus in my throat.
    • I swallowed the bolus of spittle that was rising in my throat.
    • It is important in the lubrication of food boluses, and the amylase in saliva begins the digestion of starches.
    • People swallow quite fluid boluses most of the time, and they do so seated with the trunk upright.
    • The tongue directs the bolus of chewed food to the pharynx as an initial step in the involuntary reflex swallowing mechanism.
    • The cardiac sphincter opens because of increasing pressure in the esophagus from the food bolus.
    • The goal is a reduction in the resting pressure to allow passage of the food bolus into the stomach.
    • Parent tree swallows deliver food to nestlings in a bolus, making it difficult to determine either the quantity or quality of food.
    • In preparation for swallowing, a softened or liquid food bolus is moved through the mouth by the action of the tongue.
    • Unfortunately, the bacon lump was much larger than I expected, and as a half-chewed bolus disappeared down my throat, I realised I wouldn't be able to swallow it.
    • The power supply then plugs into that, giving me a very long power cable with a bolus of electrical tape in the middle.
    • Peering then through the glass, which demarcated the realms wherein we exist, I felt the bolus of grief form in my gullet.
    • During summer and autumn, jays routinely make hundreds of food caches per day, placing each saliva-coated bolus in a separate arboreal site.
    • The program recorded the video as one gigantic bolus, and pretended that the clips were discrete files, which they weren't.
    • The new thinking is that when you take in a small bolus of protein before exercise, essentially you're giving that protein time to break down while you're working your muscles.
    • I said, nonchalantly gulping down a bolus of fear.
    • Once the bolus enters the pharynx, it is transported distally in a structure that can be described as a tubular conduit.