Translation of bombard in Spanish:


bombardear, v.

Pronunciation /bɑmˈbɑrd/ /bɒmˈbɑːd/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (position/city) bombardear
    • Further north, Tomahawk missiles bombarding the city heralded the beginning of the War.
    • Two years ago, the major part of the war was all about bombarding us with smart bombs and high-tech missiles.
    • One answer of course might be for the Allies to bombard the railway tracks leading to the death camps.
    • On 12 May 1982, FAS Skyhawks attacked the HMS Glasgow and HMS Brilliant while they were bombarding Port Stanley.
    • The Nazi artillery dutifully shelled without mercy, and the Luftwaffe bombarded the streets relentlessly.
    • It appeared US forces quickly took control after coalition warplanes bombarded the city and tanks rolled into the main square.
    • Government forces used mortars, helicopter gunships and airplanes to bombard rebel positions.
    • Helicopters and tanks bombarded the same towns around the city on Wednesday evening after similar gunfights led to the death of three soldiers.
    • Another suburb in the north of the capital was bombarded.
    • The 1950s saw the illegal Suez operation, during which a British warship bombarded Port Said and killed several Egyptian civilians.
    • There was no immediate word on casualties after US warplanes and artillery bombarded the city.
    • Albanian rebel-held villages were bombarded by government artillery.
    • Tanks rolled into the main square overnight after coalition warplanes bombarded the city.
    • The Hague Convention, Article Four, states that you are not allowed to bombard uninhabited villages or villages that are not occupied by defendants.
    • For a second night, the Marines called in a gunship to bombard insurgent positions.
    • Phipps moved four ships in close to shore to bombard the town, but caused little damage.
    • They could bombard the city from the outskirts but could not occupy it without unacceptable losses.
    • I wouldn't have been able to look away if terrorists were bombarding the room and announcing the end of the world, I was that enraptured.
    • Co-ordinated with a small parachute drop, it forced the Romanians to abandon the positions from which they were bombarding the port.
    • From my area we could see aeroplanes bombarding the centre of Santiago.
  • 2

    to bombard sth with sth bombardear algo con algo
    • A young scientist named Henry Moseley experimented with bombarding atoms of different elements with x rays.
    • The experimenters bombarded a thin gold foil with alpha particles (helium atoms without electrons).
    • These men experimented by bombarding uranium with neutrons.
    • By 1910 Ernest Rutherford and his collaborators at Manchester had interrogated an atom by bombarding it with heavier particles.
    • When we examine protons closely by bombarding them with electrons, we find that they contain plenty of gluons and light quark-antiquark pairs.
  • 3

    to bombard sb with sth