Translation of bombast in Spanish:


grandilocuencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑmbæst/ /ˈbɒmbast/


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    grandilocuencia feminine
    ampulosidad feminine
    • But for many years now bombast, rant, and confident obscurity have been his reigning notes.
    • There was more bombast and bluster than football, the most notable happenings on the park being the accumulation of bookings.
    • Finlandia is not a long piece but manages to combine both bombast and lyricism, with a main theme that I really like.
    • If he did he'd have surely come up with better arguments than bluster and bombast.
    • This is an important but ponderous book, but if one can endure the Communist bombast, it is well worth reading.
    • For all their bluster and bombast, each display of physical power proves in the end to be ineffectual.
    • The president conveyed strength and reassurance and firmness, without bombast, without posturing.
    • Unless he acts, allies insist, he will be painted as an impotent puppet, thwarted by London Labour, and vulnerable to the opposition leader's bombast.
    • His performance veers between extreme bombast and lazy naturalism - a shaky line few actors could get away with, but he pulls it off brilliantly.
    • The early subtlety has given way to cheap bombast.
    • Her wild, rash and unprecedented bombast was a shameful act of utter disrespect, not only to her constituency but also to the nation.
    • If post-rock has proved anything, it's that subtlety and bombast aren't mortal enemies.
    • He delivers a Ride Of The Valkyries in which he supplants bombast with an intelligent compliment to the story as it appears on stage.
    • It was powerful stuff, delivered with plenty of bombast, but to the audience it was just be a sign of how far the music industry has gone from its roots.
    • This gives me hope for media bombast in general, that it can be scaled back without the whole house of cards collapsing.
    • Without any trace of arrogance and bombast he replies.
    • Sorel shared this disdain for patriotic and obscurantist bombast.
    • When bombast fails only the shield of diplomacy can protect us
    • But let's not compound our losses with deluded bombast about what we have to gain.
    • A lot of nationalistic bombast was spouted during this era, but there was also a quiet betrayal of an entire generation.