Translation of bombed-out in Spanish:


bombardeado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbɑmdˈaʊt/

adjective bombed out

  • 1

    (town/building) bombardeado
    the bombed-out shell of the cathedral las ruinas de la catedral bombardeada
    • War-torn Germany is provocatively portrayed with bombed-out buildings and spontaneous marketplaces arising out of stark, rubble-lined streets.
    • The mayor has likened Montreal to a bombed-out city, claiming parking lots ‘shamefully disfigure’ the city's downtown core.
    • Although there has been a lot of development in the area, some of the same bombed-out buildings are still standing, just as they were 60 years ago.
    • ‘It was basically 1,000 guys at the time living in a bombed-out building with no electricity, no plumbing and no bathrooms,’ the colonel says.
    • And it is such a cold, unforgiving place that the symbolism of a bombed-out building is unavoidable.
    • Bullet-pocked, bombed-out buildings line the way.
    • A bombed-out building face at the back, battlefield wastes, as well an abandoned church: it felt like there was no way out for the cast or the audience.
    • There's even a portrait of John - commissioned by the Italians - of him rescuing a young girl from a bombed-out building.
    • We lived in the heart of the bombed-out city of Hull.
    • Two empty-faced women, like bombed-out buildings themselves, stood near us, their eyes unfocused.
    • But they won't find what they're really looking for in the bombed-out buildings of the city.
    • We're finally reaching the stage where we can begin new construction, rather than just reconstruct bombed-out buildings.
    • In that the mental, conceptual and technical voids were even more gaping and glaring than the physical ones in bombed-out cities.
    • The exiles had trickled back; but, like evacuees returning to a bombed-out city, they found terrible ruin.
    • There are plenty of bombed-out buildings, but they're interspersed.
    • He returned to the bombed-out building twice a day for 17 days to get files and other things.
    • During the war, when he was the most famous journalist in London, he had a series of affairs with refugee women living out the war in the bombed-out city.
    • A glowing white ball of light appears amid the ruins of a bombed-out building.
    • Personally I think some of these bombed-out buildings should be preserved, as memorials to their former inhabitants.
    • He was a tipper truck driver first transporting shells and then debris cleared up from bombed-out towns and villages.
  • 2slang

    (high on drugs)
    to be bombed out estar colgado slang