Translation of bomber in Spanish:


bombardero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑmər/ /ˈbɒmə/


  • 1

    bombardero masculine
    • These forces are a mixture of assets that includes fighters, bombers, and support aircraft.
    • The most ambitious experiment used a large bomber with fighters carried above and below each wing and one under the fuselage on a trapeze.
    • In all, the bombing mission cost the Eighth Air Force 37 heavy bombers and six fighter aircraft.
    • RAF bombers and fighter aircraft each needed different cloud conditions, as did the gliders and the Army favoured dry ground.
    • The aircraft used are leading edge - bombers, tankers, fighter and cargo alike.
    • Britain only had access to long range Blenheim bombers and fighters carried on Britain's aircraft carriers.
    • In 200 escort missions to heavily defended targets, the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a bomber to an enemy fighter.
    • Squadron aircraft were the first bombers engaged in World War II and the last to fly missions in support of that war.
    • Quite often, the enemy would provide important details on targets for Allied bombers and attack aircraft.
    • The word spread and spread until a respected and reputable London newspaper reported that Australia had plans to send bomber aircraft to drop bombs on Jakarta.
    • During the 1950s, nuclear weapons required large bomber aircraft designed specifically to carry these weapons to their target.
    • When it became obvious that the pilots could not control the bomber, the aircraft commander ordered a bale-out.
    • New fighters and bombers could be equipped with cameras to carry out the same reconnaissance with a much better chance of survival.
    • Five fighters and two bombers were assigned a mission to drop propaganda leaflets on the city.
    • Then the atomic bomb came along, and two of them were dropped by air force bombers.
    • It had the most advanced fighter and bomber aircraft and the best trained crews.
    • They were supplied with weapons and air support from helicopter gunships and Antonov bombers.
    • That meant that the bombers were RAF and we were being attacked by Japanese fighters.
    • When Red Alert was published in 1958, the American nuclear force was carried by bomber aircraft.
    • With new money came new and more lethal weapons: Antonov bombers, helicopter gunships, artillery cannons.
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    (que perpetra atentados colocando bombas) terrorista masculine, feminine
    • A few hours later, a suicide bomber detonated a massive bomb, killing himself and at least three others.
    • Last week saw 23 car bombs, six of which were driven by suicide bombers, detonated throughout the country.
    • More worryingly, there was some evidence that one of the bombs was detonated by a suicide bomber.
    • It is now being reported that the three bombs that went off earlier today were detonated by suicide bombers.
    • He went after the terrorist bombers and he was able to stop them and to imprison them.
    • He's dealing with homegrown suicide bombers, not terrorists coming from outside the country.
    • In the first attack on Saturday evening, two suicide bombers detonated 30 yards apart in a busy mall.
    • It was very unsettling - particularly since it's now claimed that the terrorists were suicide bombers.
    • He tried to play on our fears about suicide bombers and terrorists, as if they were the only ‘evil’ things done in history.
    • One of the bombers planted his 10lbs of explosive on a train and timed it to go off at 8.51am.
    • That's when a second bomber detonated his explosives.
    • Rather than give up his explosives, the bomber detonated them, killing himself and the two robbers.
    • The bomber detonated a truck full of explosives near the station.
    • The bomber was deliberately targeting foreign visitors.
    • The bomber detonated a vest packed with explosives.
    • Local officials said the bomber was parked outside the hospital, waiting for the governor to drive by.
    • The bombers struck as crowds were gathering for a rally against violence.
    • Officials say they have not been able to determine the bomber's identity.
    • The blast was detonated by a bomber with a suicide belt.
    • The city and surrounding areas had been shut down while police searched for the surviving bomber.