Translation of bomber jacket in Spanish:

bomber jacket

chaqueta de aviador, n.


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    chaqueta de aviador feminine
    cazadora de aviador feminine Spain
    chamarra de aviador feminine Mexico
    campera de aviador feminine River Plate
    • The bomber jacket is a popular style this season; waist length with a zipper.
    • But there could be hidden treasures, like a perfectly washed-out Levi's jean jacket or Top Gun-style bomber jacket, just waiting to be worn.
    • The gunman, who wore a balaclava and a black bomber jacket, ran out of the house and fled the area, initially on foot.
    • They are described as two white 18-year-olds 6ft 1in tall, one of them wearing a black bomber jacket and the other a white jacket.
    • He had seen Carl before she did, waiting for her on the front steps, hands tucked inside his bomber jacket.
    • I put on my brown bomber jacket and my white beanie with the visor on the front.
    • The man in this incident is described as white, with short, light hair and wearing a dark bomber jacket and dark trousers.
    • The black man is of slim to average build with short hair and was wearing a blue bomber jacket.
    • He wore a baseball cap, a black bomber jacket and jeans.
    • The taller of the two girls wore a lot of sky blue eye liner and a black bomber jacket.
    • There was Bomber Steve, so called because he always wore a bomber jacket.
    • Suiting the autumn - winter trend, she has a fine wool hoodie, bomber jacket and a duffle coat.
    • Hulme, dressed in a striped pullover and jeans and Maguire who was wearing a bomber jacket and white t-shirt, were flanked in the dock by two police officers.
    • The vicar was wearing a leather bomber jacket, which I found slightly incongruous given his profession.
    • He was dressed casually in a leather bomber jacket and jeans.
    • Recently I was looking through some old photos and came across a picture of myself attired in a black bomber jacket, jeans and my Doc Martin boots.
    • On the night of the attack - at 7.15 pm on November 17 - the man was wearing a white bomber jacket with blue sleeves.
    • She then went ahead and straightened Calida's grey pleated skirt; put a grey ribbon in her hair and zipped up her grey bomber jacket.
    • Her leather bomber jacket hung from the back of a chair.
    • As long as he wears the bomber jacket I'll be happy.