Translation of bond in Spanish:


vínculo, n.

Pronunciation /bɑnd/ /bɒnd/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(link)

      vínculo masculine
      bonds of friendship lazos de amistad
      • the bond between mother and child el vínculo afectivo entre madre e hijo
      • a bond had formed between them entre ellos se había creado un vínculo
      • People who trust one another share a bond of faith and understanding.
      • But community demands more than simply emotionally satisfying bonds between individuals.
      • Yes, you can generate sales - but equally, you can generate goodwill or an emotional bond.
      • The modern theme of friendship as with an emotional bond is brought into focus.
      • He said stressed-out lawyers and Inuit communities share a common bond.
      • So the question becomes, do we want these rising powers to be tied to us by bonds of mutual economic interest and shared prosperity?
      • You understand friendship and very much respect its loyalty and bonds.
      • If fans are pleased with the music they hear, they can provide feedback to works in progress, and form an emotional bond with the artist.
      • A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship.
      • The unskilled workers' contacts were with people whose common bonds were social rather than industrial in nature.
      • It may also play a role in disorders such as autism, where people have difficulties forming social bonds.
      • The bond between the trade union movement and the Labour Party is a century old and was forged at the latter's birth.
      • I think there's a special bond of friendship that crosses party lines.
      • Holidays like Thanksgiving give the opportunity to get together and celebrate familial bonds that are like no other.
      • Conversations and bursts of laughter were tossed on the wind bringing them together in a common bond.
      • He added that he hoped the boy's death would help bind the community together in a shared bond of grief.
      • The three of us have a bond that results from our love of our sports and our friends.
      • The strange bond that we recognise as the human-animal bond has long been a subject of fascination to those who are not animal lovers.
      • Yoga's most valuable boon may be its ability to promote the bond between mother and child, both during and after pregnancy.
      • The country was always an unstable equilibrium, artificially held together by the iron bonds of an authoritarian and brutal regime.
      • His father pushed his sleeve up and tied on a rubber bond.
      • I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.

    • 1.2bonds plural(fetters)

      cadenas feminine
      to break / burst one's bonds romper sus (or mis etc.) cadenas
      • Steel Fists cut the bonds holding the three prisoners.
      • Ropes tightened against bonds with the swell of the sea.
      • Her bonds were ropes on the hands, but her feet were chained together.
      • When his sleepiness clears from his vision, he sees his naked body, floating but restrained by unseen bonds.
      • Two soldiers marched forward and restrained her with alloy bonds as three others came forward to take her suit.
      • Rocking back and forth, he tightened every muscle in his body in an effort to break the bonds from the ropes.
      • He flung himself against his bonds, and the chains scraped across the stone with a rattle.
      • The wolf yelped and fell into his bonds, the chains tugging at his sore shoulders.
      • She pulled off the rope bonds until she was completely free.
      • Dergoul also described the use of what was known as the ‘short shackle’ - steel bonds pulled tight to keep the subject bunched up, while chained to the floor.
      • Then she took a tangle of rope, tied all their legs together, and wove a long cord through those bonds.
      • Glumly, Ichiro nodded as he struggled with his iron bonds even though he knew they had been done too skillfully to let him escape.
      • He felt like a rabbit caged by a hunter's trap, unable to break free of the iron bonds.

  • 2

    • 2.1(joint, seal)

      junta feminine
      juntura feminine

    • 2.2(adhesion)

      adherencia feminine

    • 2.3Chemistry

      enlace masculine
      • The electrons that are shared by the atoms to form the bond belong to one of these molecular orbitals.
      • A covalent bond is a bond formed when two atoms share a pair of electrons.
      • Opposing this tendency is the covalent bond holding the HCl molecule together.
      • For example, electrons in a covalent bond are assigned to the more electronegative atom.
      • To complete an octet, each oxygen must share two electrons in a covalent bond.
      • Pairs of electrons that are not shared in covalent bonds are lone pairs.
      • A polyatomic molecule with bonds which are polar is not necessarily polar itself.
      • Central to his image of science were the arrangements of atoms in molecules, and the bonds that held them together.
      • Molecules have a definite structure, but the electron bonds that hold the atoms together are not rigid: they jiggle and wiggle and twist and stretch.
      • At the heart of these intermolecular interactions are weak bonds between a hydrogen atom on one water molecule and an oxygen atom on another.
      • In hydrolysis these two ions are forced into the bond between the large molecules.
      • New compounds are formed when the atoms within the molecule form a chemical bond.
      • The moment of inertia is related to the mass of the molecule's atoms and to the bond distance.
      • High temperatures are required, however, because the metal atoms grip the hydrogen with strong covalent bonds.
      • With the exception of hydrogen (blessed with a single electron), an atom cannot use all its electrons to form bonds.
      • Less energy is required to melt a solid than is needed to break the bonds in the molecules.
      • As a result, the orbitals become deformed, weakening the existing bond between molecules.
      • To overcome the bonds that are present between the sodium and chloride ions and the bonds that are present between the water molecules, energy is needed.
      • A chemical reaction is simply breaking bonds between atoms and making new ones.
      • When water is in the form of ice, the water molecules are moving very slowly and form strong bonds.

    • 2.4(in brickwork)

      aparejo masculine
      • Bricks shall be laid in running or stretcher bond with control joints as noted on drawings.
      • Like conventional bricks, adobes are laid in a running bond - an overlapping pattern - then mortared in place with adobe mud.
      • The job requires a master mason to set the first course, grout bond beams, and install and tension the post-tension tendons.
      • The walls of the pool enclosure are running bond brick with a three-brick corbel at the top of the parapet wall.
      • It is a welcome and thoughtful reprieve from endless stretcher bond, used in almost all other new buildings in the area.

  • 3

    • 3.1(debt certificate)

      bono masculine
      obligación feminine

    • 3.2(insurance contract)

      fianza feminine
      • Each union must buy an insurance bond to protect members against fraud on the part of its staff, and must also meet stringent solvency regulations.
      • He says the insurance bond provides deserved protection for employees who put a lot into the company.
      • We have received quite a few e-mails over recent weeks about pensions, investments and insurance bonds.
      • Insurance company capital-protected guaranteed equity bonds are life insurance-based and pay an amount of the increase in a specified stock market index.
      • ‘Top-slicing’ is another method of mitigating tax liabilities on draw downs from offshore insurance bonds.
      • When loans and bonds are imperfect substitutes on the balance sheets of banks, a rise of the interest rate resulting in a liquidity squeeze may reduce the amount of bank loans.
      • Instead of doing that, they signed up to an insurance bond.
      • Sparkes says the insurance bond was something very close to the workers' hearts.

  • 4also bond paper

    (de buena calidad) papel de carta masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to bond to sth adherirse a algo
  • 2

    (form relationship)
    establecer vínculos afectivos
    establecer lazos afectivos

transitive verb

  • 1

    to bond sth to sth adherir / pegar algo a algo
  • 2

    (goods) depositar bajo fianza
    • Joint guarantee provided by several bonding companies are allowed.
    • I speak specifically of lenders, bonding companies, etc.
    • Both States had huge, irresponsible tax cuts which they paid for in part by bonding and borrowing.
    • We also provide marketing, insurance and bonding, and we handle all the paperwork.
    • Among topics covered are how to organize a company, how to incorporate, insurance and bonding, and scheduling.