Translation of bone idle in Spanish:

bone idle

haragán, adj.


  • 1

    flojo informal
    vago informal
    • I'm bone idle and far too self involved to join in anything online - unless I'm really bored and have nothing to write about.
    • Basically we're bone idle and a 42-date tour doesn't appeal to us any more, so traditionally we've just played Manchester or Liverpool.
    • It seems that people are too bone idle to take unwanted items to the refuse collection points, so they just leave them in the back streets.
    • We hear too much about ‘hard-working families’ and not enough about bone idle ones.
    • René Descartes has always been one of the more appealing philosophers, not least because he was so human, quarrelsome and frequently bone idle.
    • Instead, I'm going to finish my book, then do the college work I didn't do yesterday because I'm too bone idle.
    • He is complaining that Andrew is bone idle and hasn't worked hard enough at his tasks, and that nobody else has picked him up on his faults.
    • In fact, he's a lazy, petulant, dead-eyed, over-sensitive, bone idle git.
    • McDowell is intellectually superior, and he will steer through anything he wants, and our lads are bone lazy.
    • The visitor complied, then turned to the lazy angler and said: ‘You know, anyone as bone idle as you ought to get married and have a son to do these things for you.’
    • The third family consists of Veronica, her intensely irritating husband and her two apparently bone idle sons.
    • The truth is as a country we are bone idle couch potatoes who make no effort to change our lifestyles.