Translation of bonfire in Spanish:


hoguera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑnˌfaɪ(ə)r/ /ˈbɒnfʌɪə/

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    hoguera feminine
    fogata feminine
    fogón masculine Latin America
    • She added that the annual Halloween celebrations will see bonfires on the area, only making things worse than they already are.
    • A warning has gone out to people thinking of having bonfires in their gardens after a fire went out of control.
    • We ask people to be aware of the litter laws and not dump any type of rubbish for the bonfires on the greens.
    • The bonfire of burning bras has finally died down and we should admit effeminacy is killing the arts.
    • Celebrations went on late into the night with bonfires blazing around the deputy's home village of Ardfert.
    • Across in Biggar, the bonfire celebrations date back to the pagan times when fire was worshipped.
    • But it must also go up to acknowledge that, at that very moment, bonfires of celebration are being lit from one end of the land to the other.
    • I was also familiar with bonfires and trash fires, and with the intense heat which they produced.
    • There are often bonfires in the back garden of that house.
    • Last week, I got up at three in the morning, lit a bonfire in my garden, and started fixing the grass.
    • Asked to dispose of it, he quietly burnt it on a bonfire in his back garden in Cheshire, the court heard.
    • It was celebrated with bonfires, parades and people dressing up as saints, angels and devils.
    • Potentially dangerous bonfires will also be removed in the run-up to November 5.
    • Firefighters are warning that bonfires can become infernos in the current spell of hot weather.
    • Warnings have also been issued in relation to fire hazards caused by Hallowe'en bonfires.
    • The burning of life-sized effigies of Guy Fawkes on bonfires is a relatively new custom.
    • The pair had been setting off fireworks, lighting fires and throwing aerosol cans onto a bonfire.
    • The fire is believed to have been caused by a bonfire which got out of control.
    • The embers from the dying bonfires still burned, casting ghostly shadows over the ground.
    • Of course, the smoke did not affect their own houses because the bonfire was at the bottom of their gardens.