Translation of bong in Spanish:


talán, n.

Pronunciation /bɑŋ/ /bɒŋ/


  • 1

    talán masculine
    • The grandfather clock in the corner struck eleven o'clock and let out a deep bong sound.
    • Those who have to listen to the bongs and chimes of All Through the Night all through the night have had enough.
    • Depending on which band you are listening to, pan music can be raucous and noisy, a riotous volley of plinks, clangs and bongs, or it can be like notes on velvet.
    • It made a loud bong and a huge crash in the next room.
    • For a loose definition of the sound, imagine repetitive bong hits.
    • Bong! for one o'clock; bong! bong! for two o'clock, and so forth.
    • The "bongs" of Big Ben will be heard for the last time on Saturday before it falls silent for a month for maintenance work.
    • ‘The Bongs’ at the beginning of the Six O'Clock News are one of the key anchors in a Radio Four listener's day.
    • The 12 bongs at midday and midnight take 54 seconds to sound.
    • Most of the time things are OK, but once a month or so I close the lid and I hear the “bong” chime of the computer restarting.
    • When Ella heard the bong of the palace clock striking, she counted the eleven strikes.
    • They made a very sonorous and resonant bong.