Translation of bongo in Spanish:


bongó, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑŋɡoʊ/ /ˈbɒŋɡəʊ/

nounplural bongos, plural bongoes

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    bongó masculine
    bongo masculine
    • The tabla is sort of a cross between the bongos and snare drum.
    • The first track ‘Una Cancion,’ with it's echoed bongos, steel drums and chilled vocals, will help you forget just how cold it is outside.
    • ‘Sinner Man ‘is a Tamla tornado of sitars, trumpets, bongos and guitars.’
    • If in doubt, listen to the opening bars of ‘Boston’: guitar, snare, bongos and shakers, what else do you need?
    • Marlon Brando's personal effects, including a pair of bongo drums and an annotated script of The Godfather, will be auctioned this week.
    • Turner entered the hall behind a child's wooden wagon to which a pair of bongo drums had been lashed.
    • Wiggs handles bass, guitars, drums, and bongos; Trimble plays keyboards, acoustic guitar, and accordion.
    • Musical groups danced the samba all the way, beating bongo drums and shaking tambourines.
    • Backed by live trumpets, guitars, and bongos, Kadiri's debut album is an impressive new force in roots hip-hop.
    • With the bongos - a reference to the little darbouka drums of Kancheli's homeland - a suggestion of a folk dance is raised, but then denied very soon after.
    • The combination of bongo drums and some sharp scratching from DJ Kilmore was pretty impressive.
    • It kind of brought the band back to its roots - we're all close together and playing instruments like mandolin and bongos.
    • Mrs Stagg bought Kieron a bongo drum for Christmas.
    • Larger bands have trumpets and strings as well as extensive percussion sections in which maracas, guiros, and bongos are primary instruments.
    • In fact, the high bongo plays on an offbeat while the cowbell simply marks the beat.
    • Saturdays, he'd be smoking pot and playing bongos.
    • ‘Until the Dream Gets Broken’ follows with programmed bongos and the same backing vocals, both featured more prominently this time.
    • The only real disappointment I found was the absence of those spectacular bongos at the beginning of ‘The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees’.
    • ‘Chanabra’ adds bongos to one of the disc's most aggressive choruses, hinting at future recordings.